MAZONAI Win Business by Marketing to Emotions not Reason

On an average day, consumers are exposed to more than 5000 advertisements, and research shows that only 12 will make an impression on the average consumer. Direct marketing specialists MAZONAI win business by marketing to emotions not reason and this is what helps their clients stand out.

The Watford-based event marketing firm MAZONAI believe that a marketing campaign should make consumers feel something, and it should make them act on those feelings.The firm has a diverse client portfolio and therefore the target audience is different. The key to creating an emotional marketing campaign for individual clients it to identify the target audience and then conduct extensive research to understand what their emotional triggers are and this is what will allow their marketing campaign to connect.


Analysis of data from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPS) highlights the effectiveness of marketing to emotions.The IPA Data Bank contains 1400 case studies of successful advertising campaigns. This IPA compared data of the profitability boost of campaigns which relied primarily on emotional appeal vs. those that used a more rational and informative strategy. Marketing campaigns that used purely emotional content performed almost twice as well; specifically 31% vs. 16%.Those that were purely emotional based did a little better, 31% vs. 26%.These statistics make sense based on what scientists know about the brain now, people feel first, and think second.

MAZONAI uses direct marketing techniques to take their clients' products and services direct to consumers. They believe it is their direct and personalised approach that is their USP and the reason for their success.Through in-person promotions the firm's representatives are able to interact with customers one-on-one, allowing them to build a relationship and instill consumer confidence which generates both quality and quantity customer acquisitions for their clients and builds brand loyalty.

At MAZONAI they believe that an emotional connection will build brand loyalty, something which is continuously decreasing in today's ever-more competitive market.The firm are urging companies to market to emotions not reason to increase revenue and brand loyalty.

MAZONAI, a start-up firm in Watford, specialises in event marketing, a method that allows them to engage with their clients' customers directly. They represent their clients using a number of event venues, including shopping centres, trade shows, fashion shows and train station displays.Through market research into how consumers respond to different types of marketing methods and channels, they found people respond better to in-person interactions, making their direct approach at events MAZONAI's preferred choice of marketing.

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