Mazonai Reveal Psychological Tricks Marketers Use to Understand How Customers Think.

With customer trends changing all the time, Event Marketing firm, Mazonai, investigate how marketers are turning to psychology to help understand how customers tick.

About Mazonai: 

When talking about psychology in marketing, it’s common for many people to jump to the conclusion of marketers hiding subliminal messages in adverts in the hope of influencing hoards of consumers to rush out and buy their latest product. In reality however marketers use psychology not to trick people, but to understand how customers’ minds work. Understanding how a customer thinks allows businesses to recognise what the customers’ needs are and how best to deliver a solution to those needs. Event Marketing and In-store Promotions firm Mazonai believe that this ethical and effective use of psychology is an important step in fulfilling customer requirements, whilst supporting the development of a product or service that is guaranteed to have a positive impact on the market.

To help others understand how psychology can affect the everyday purchase decisions of consumers, Mazonai have reviewed 4 approaches used by brands in their marketing campaigns.

  • 1) Emotions

It’s been proven that appealing to customer emotions is far more effective than outlining a products function, no matter how advanced those functions may be. Brands want to build a connection with their customer and the best way of achieving this is to look at the bigger picture of how their product would benefit their customer’s life and wellbeing. Understanding customer emotions is the basis of many direct marketing campaigns, by interacting with customers one on one brands can develop a rapport with their consumers and tailor a service unique to their individual needs and values.

  • 2) Exclusivity

Every individual wants to be seen as such, an effective way of making a consumer feel special is the promise of exclusivity within a service or product. This could be through providing special offers unique to the customer or adapting an existing service to best suit their needs, however its achieved, exclusivity makes a customer feel valued and improves the odds of that customer remaining loyal to a brand.

  • 3) Admitting Flaws.

In society its common practice to support the underdog and many brands are using this to their advantage. By comparing their product to a competitors and admitting their own small flaws to their consumers’ brands are not only creating an honest reputation, they are also promoting themselves as professionals and perfectionists for noticing the flaws in the first place. One of the purposes of direct marketing such as the event marketing campaigns developed by Mazonai, is to spread brand awareness and appearing more human and honest in this way is a great way for brands to improve their credibility among consumers.

  • 4) Change Consumer Opinion

A number of brands use a radical change of image to appeal to a wider range of customers. It may seem risky, but this approach has been proven time and again that a change of slogan or message can make a product appeal to a consumer who was previously disinterested. Supermarket chain Iceland proved the effectiveness of this method when rolling out their ‘that’s why mums go to Iceland’ campaign. What was once considered an unhealthy low quality store, transformed themselves into a family orientated retailer. By appealing directly to mums, Iceland influenced a wider target audience to shop at their store.

Mazonai are a Luton based sales and marketing firm specialising in improving their clients’ customer relationships and acquisition rates through advertising, marketing and sales at event venues and retail stores. The firm believe in order to create lasting customer relationships, businesses need to fully understand the needs and thought processes of their target audience. By adapting their marketing approach to best suit the customer businesses will not only see a vast improvement in sales, but will also develop their reputation as a reliable and honest enterprise. 

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