Mazonai Investigates the Top 3 Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Mazonai, direct marketing specialists select their three top social media marketing campaigns, and why they love them so much.

With social media being classed as a super power to many marketers, Mazonai, Watford's premier direct marketing firm shares their three top social media marketing campaigns that they believe can serve as inspiration to other marketers.

About Mazonai:

Adidas – After making the most of the 2014 World Cup, the brand sent a team to the heart of the action providing its followers the opportunity to observe the event in all its glory. By creating the hashtag #allinornothing, the brand was able to direct traffic to their social media accounts and the results were phenomenal.

  • 1.7m brand mentions on Twitter
  • 967,000 hashtag uses on Twitter
  • 32,000,000 views of its tournament content on YouTube
  • 246,000 subscribers added to our YouTube channel
  • 6m fans added to its global social channels

ITV – Another brand giant who exploited the World Cup to generate brand awareness was the TV channel ITV. They created awareness globally to their service by injecting humour and personality to their campaign.By getting fans to share their #goalface.By getting thousands of people to use their twitter handle @itvfootball and the #goalface tag, it was an instant trending hit for the firm. A compilation of the best goal faces was created at the end of the campaign to elongate the interaction with the brand. Again the results achieved were a huge success for ITV.

  • 75,000 new followers
  • Hashtag #goalface used 23,400 times
  • 80,000 website hits
  • Reach of over 7m
  • 50m impressions on content

Dreamworks Animation –Mr Peabody was dreamworks latest release and by partnering with Expedia Solutions drummed up interest by offering a free trip to one of the destinations in the film. The brand also encouraged Twitter conversations by asking 'Where in history would you like to travel to?' and an Expedia blogger interviewed Mr Peabody to put an authentic voice behind the campaign.Dreamworks were excited by the results of their campaign.

  • 186,000 sweepstake entries
  • 60m impressions in five weeks
  • 'Where in history would you travel to?' trended on Twitter in the US within 15 minutes and produced more than 28m impressions
  • Interview with Mr Peabody generated more than 16.5m impressions
  • Five Facebook posts produced 173,000 impressions

Mazonai believe that the current market doesn't require direct brands to sell at every opportunity but to create awareness through social media interactions, the message gets through in a more discreet manner. By encouraging consumer interaction it allows a personal bond to be made with the brand and research has shown this is one of the most effective ways of creating brand loyalty.

Mazonai creates campaigns that allow the brands to be exposed and allows fun and pressure-free platforms for their clients to generate new customers and increase brand awareness.The brand are advocates of the face-to-face approach as they believe it can offer a more personalised customer experience. However, social media is an efficient tool to maintain and nurture the relationships built with customers following the buying experience.

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