MarketStorm Global Ltd: The Struggles of Being a Young Business Leader

Young business owners come up against many challenges in the day to day running of their businesses, therefore trying to gain the respect of older professionals is an unnecessary barrier. As a young business owner himself, Gavin Walsh of MarketStorm Global Ltd gives his advice on how to gain respect and find the right approach to leadership.

MarketStorm Global Ltd says that being a young business leader can mean a constant struggle to be taken seriously. They may have all the necessary skills to become an excellent business owner but the older generation may not take them seriously, no matter how smart they look. The firm believes that a good leader must be well-educated, open-minded and a good communicator. These are traits that are often assumed to belong to those who have been around longer and are therefore wiser. However, MarketStorm Global Ltd believes that many young entrepreneurs have these traits and are being over looked. Being brought up in a very technical world, young entrepreneurs also possess many other leadership traits that make a good business owner such as, being flexible and adaptable, being open to change, being interested in feedback and being incredibly enthusiastic.

MarketStorm Global Ltd’s Managing Director, Gavin Walsh, made the jump from employee to leader and tackled many challenges along the way. It is hard enough for any business owner to get their business off the ground and make sure it succeeds. Gavin Walsh says that it wasn’t an option for him to not be taken seriously. As a business owner, Gavin Walsh had to earn the respect of fellow business owners and find his own approach to leadership. Networking was an excellent way to do this. Not only did this mean making connections and contacts but networking also meant that Mr Walsh could spend time learning valuable leadership skills that he could then implement into his own business. The firm currently runs a Business Development Program to instil these skills into other young entrepreneurs who aim to become successful business owners.

Being a leader can be tough at the best of times but being a young leader brings the added pressure of others equating youth with inexperience and not being taken seriously. MarketStorm Global Ltd says that young leaders should follow these steps in order to have older employees, colleagues and business associates respect and take them seriously.

  • 1.Know the industry: Research and be sure to know the industry inside and out. Read up on the latest trends, connect with experts in the field and become immersed in the appropriate business sector.
  • 2.Lead from the front: Demonstrate ability and prove that the management role is deserved by leading by example and working hard. Be the first person in the office and the last to leave. Take on a fair share of the workload and show everyone signs of being a team player. Lead from the front and help others succeed.
  • 3.Take advice: Only a fool believes they know it all. People are more likely to take a leader seriously if they listen to and heed advice.
  • 4.Show conviction: Show conviction in decisions. If the person has done their homework then their decision will be the right one, even if it is challenged by someone with more experience.
  • 5.Remain calm and collected: The business world offers regular challenges and stressful situations and a leader’s reaction is judged. Stay cool under pressure and put everything into perspective.
  • 6.Manage expectations: Be approachable. Share with employees what’s expected of them and in return, listen to what they desire in a leader.
  • 7.Consider personal appearance: Dress appropriately for any situation. How a person dresses and carries themselves says a lot about their personality.
  • 8.Develop a business persona: Have a professional personality. A leader should figure out and decide how they would like to be perceived. Aim to be considered firm but fair, hard working and meticulous.

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