Man Up or Tan Up?

With the explosion of the male cosmetics industry in recent years, we ask the question: Does wearing bronzer, concealer, or even foundation for men damage men's sex appeal?

In a recent survey conducted by MMUK MAN, the UK's leading men's makeup retailer, the answer was an astounding no! When asking 250 heterosexual gentlemen with partners, a staggering 78% claimed that their partners actually preferred them wearing makeup products.

Especially important when heading out for the evening, it appears as though Britain's ladies are more than open to their guys dabbling in a little 'man-slap,' 'as long as they don't take it too far', according to MMUK MAN co-founder Alex Dalley.

In the same study, 62% of men claim that their ladies have even brought them tanning products, skin care and even makeup for men as gifts on recent occasions, making them a perfect present pleaser ladies, if you're taking notes.

It appears as though it's a game of performance over pride for our modern day men, as the male beauty industry quickly approaches the £1 billion mark here in the UK. However, are men still holding back in their bids to bag themselves a champion complexion? Dalley thinks so, with 'the fear of it being noticed one of the main reasons why most men are still reluctant to try makeup.

So, just why has the male beauty industry reared into the direction of cosmetics, like an unstoppable force continually stalking the fringes of our ego's attention?

Well, it all starts with a growing need to cover up confidence crippling imperfections such as, spots, fatigued skin and for the more mature gentlemen, wrinkles. Dark circles and eye bags are also a common offender in the male grooming world and with the use of a little concealer in this instance and tinted moisturiser for the previous skin problems, you are quickly able to camouflage that tired and washed out look.

Issuing our very own Anti Skin Behavior Orders, no longer are modern day men rummaging around their girlfriend's makeup bag in fear of getting copped and with more makeup products becoming available, especially devoted to men's skin, more and more of us are quickly coming to realise how far just a little touch up can take us.

With most of Hollywood's top A-Listers dabbling in the miracle of colour makeup, without their public sex appeal seemingly being touched, we are now entering a new phase of play, where looking immaculate is just the norm.

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