Make Your Brand Stand Out in the First Three Seconds: Citipeak Events Explains How

The first few seconds of an advert are make or break for brands.It is in those few short moments that consumers are either turned on or turned off.Citipeak Events states that brands have just 3 seconds to make an impact and engage consumers.

About Citipeak Events:

Competition for customer attention is at an all time high. This is a huge challenge for brands that rely on traditional forms of advertising such as TV advertising.TV advertising is struggling and 2015 will be the first year in which streamed on-demand video overtakes scheduled broadcast TV viewing on a weekly basis; this means people can choose TV on-demand services where there are no ads, and even if they don't, they will have even more ability to skip ads (source: 27 May 2015).

The impact of this? Brands need to properly engage a customer within the first three seconds, otherwise they are gone. Marketers today must ensure that they are fully prepared to present the customers with their brand's products and services, say something that will make them stand out from the norm, or promise the customer something that will keep them interested. When initially interacting with customers, the first impact must be as striking as it possibly can be states Citipeak Events.

Citipeak Events is a London based event marketing firm.Through their innovative and cost effective event marketing campaigns, the firm have the market reach to increase their client's market share throughout the whole of the UK.

Citipeak Events know that competition for customers is at an all time high and that choosing the wrong media mix can quickly result in large amounts of wasted money.Citipeak Events excel at developing the right direct marketing approach which will be the most effective means for delivering their clients' marketing messages to their target audience.

The firm offer their outsourced services to brands and deliver their direct marketing methods to potential customers in order to generate sales, build customer relationships and raise brand awareness; direct marketing has proven to be much more cost effective and efficient than traditional forms of TV advertising methods and has proven to engage customers within the first 3 seconds of interaction. Citipeak Events delivers direct marketing campaigns that involve face to face presentations and the firm believes that communicating with customers on a face to face basis delivers the greatest impact and the quickest impact.

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