Local Markets Remains Key Revenue Source for LMS Thinking

Outsourced direct sales and marketing firm LMS Thinking report its main revenue is obtained from London, New York and Sydney, the cities in which the firm has head offices in.

LMS Thinking pride themselves on being a transparent business and endeavour to become a global brand. It is through their evolving strategies, knowledge of industry conditions and trends, customised sales and marketing campaigns and their ability to build strong partnerships with clients, suppliers and customers that will see the firm’s vision actualize. "We have become a trusted name in our local markets - London, New York and Sydney - with them being our main revenue source, but with the strengthening economy and outsourced services increasingly in demand we are confident that we can begin to branch out to the broader marketplace," explains Tim Kennedy, Managing Director of LMS Thinking.

Detaching their business model from traditional marketing agencies, LMS Thinking commit to providing a comprehensive and sustainable solution that meets their clients growing demands. "Each industry have different requirements and through allowing our strategies to evolve and develop according to our clients demands we are certain our relationships will be strengthened which will in turn give us leverage when breaking into the broader, international market," says LMS Thinking's Managing Director, Tim Kennedy.

LMS Thinking’s aim is to continually improve all aspects of the industry in which outsourced services are operated. Increased efforts on improving operations’ profitability have impacted the outsourced company’s growth rate during 2012 and will continue to do so during 2013. Tim Kennedy explains, "We have integrated the sales and marketing process. Marketing is the avenue of reaching and persuading prospects whilst sales is all about getting that prospect over the line and closing the deal. Having launched a service which collaborates both processes to form a more streamlined communication effort we have provided a more cost effective and results driven solution for businesses which as a result has lifted our growth rate".

By strategically combining both the sales and marketing functions LMS Thinking have generated a stronger and more effective branding message which is being employed by many businesses within their local markets, London, New York and Sydney. However, continued uptake of the service is expected nationally in the UK, US and Australia and then eventually, internationally.

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