Live Innovations Secures Marketing Budget for new Client

Following their past successes with established UK charities, Live Innovations has acquired a new emerging client seeking to gain market share in the UK.

London-based company, Live Innovations, announced earlier this week that they have secured a new marketing budget for a client within the charity sector.

"This is a very exciting time for Live Innovations. This new client will enable us to further establish our presence throughout the UK where we are rapidly expanding our business and taking on new clients. Our on-going growth and success is a result of our business model; our prioritisation of customer care and our specialism in the field for direct marketing."

Live Innovations’ philosophy of “Plan, Do, Check, Adjust.” allows them to stay ahead of the game, by constantly building on the original concept.

Collaborating with the right people is the foundation for any successful business relationship. Managing director Tom Harris says, "It's so important to find clients with similar goals as you. When the client wants to grow as much as you do, success in inevitable. Both teams have similar goals, and can be flexible to make the required changes to obtain the win."

The time taken from being able to go from the initial concept devised in the boardroom to the consumer is critical. There are so many parts in the process that lead to campaign launch. This includes dealing with suppliers and clients along with strategic campaign planning. The more open the communication is between each party, the faster the changes can be implemented. This results in better results.

When it comes to adaptation it is hard to go past Live Innovations’ dynamic face-to-face approach of sales and marketing. "The first impression that we make with our clients’ customers is valuable on so many levels. It lets us build a better relationship with them by having the ability to clearly explain and address their concerns. But the real win is being able to find out what people need. We can instantly feed their views directly back to the client and make a better product for tomorrow," explains Tom Harris.

Many forms of marketing are difficult to measure without adding additional cost. Tom Harris continues, "Because we are working directly with the consumer, asking for feedback is simple. We can take their opinions and ideas on board and implement a new strategy the same day."

Fast turnaround, open communication and a passion for improvement allows Live Innovations to secure new clients other companies can only dream of.

The firm’s managing director, Tom Harris, believes that Live Innovations’ business volume and their ability to scale campaigns as per client’s requirements will attract further new clientele. Moreover, the company expect steady contributions from recent acquisitions to support revenue growth.

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