Live Innovations: Government Encourages Entrepreneurship

Government parties have recently said that they should love entrepreneurs for creating more job opportunities, London-based direct marketing firm Live Innovations say they are glad for the support.

About Live Innovations :

Entrepreneurs and small businesses such as Live Innovations create several new job opportunities and contribute greatly to the economy. Entrepreneurs often come up with innovative ideas that fill a gap in the market or add something new to an already existing market, people want the product/service they offer and money changes hands and economic growth occurs. The more these ideas are wanted the stronger the economy gets.

Live Innovations have highlighted five ways an entrepreneur can stimulate the economy:

  • 1.Investment – An entrepreneur invests in what is required for the economy. Any entrepreneur will invest in products and services which they feel the people need. Their investment will ensure that more goods and services will be available to consumers.
  • 2.Employment – By setting up various businesses and establishments an entrepreneur is generating employment in the economy. People need jobs. This is a major contribution that an employer can make to provide income to an employee who can meet their needs.
  • 3.Diversity in products and services – An entrepreneur can provide various types of goods and services to the consumer. This offers the consumer a wider range of choice and a potential opportunity for bargain hunting.
  • 4.International trade – An entrepreneur can promote international trade by selling their products abroad. Many entrepreneurs enjoy the wider market and greater amount of consumers available to them by doing this.
  • 5.Contributes to gross national product – An entrepreneur makes much contribution to the national exchequer and to the national economy as a whole. The GNP of the country is calculated based upon the total number of products and services available in the country. The more products and services available the higher the GNP. It indicates the economic prosperity of the country.

At a government conference last week shadow chancellor, Ed Balls stated that, “You can’t love the jobs unless you love the people who create the jobs. And we want to work with the people here who create the jobs so that we can create more good jobs for the people in Britain in the coming years.”

Other government officials have offered their support for small businesses saying, “The support of small and medium sized businesses is very good, and very important for growth.”

This government backing of entrepreneurs is exciting and welcomed by Live Innovations as the industry as a whole can sometimes be affected by policy and organisational changes. As a small business that thrives on entrepreneurship the firm are glad for the support. 

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