Limitless Communications’ Must-Read Guide to Writing an Effective Sales Pitch

The script is the most important part of sales, claims Limitless Communications. The firm offer an excellent guide into writing an effective sales pitch, which proves beneficial for even the most experienced sales reps.

A sales script is a short, rehearsed speech about the company, the product, or the industry. A sales script’s primary function is to help the sales-rep establish credibility and therefore make better sales. For a sales meeting to be effective, the brand must establish enough credibility for the customer to be willing to answer probing questions. To sell successfully it is crucial to get answers to often uncomfortable questions. That’s why earning credibility with the client is vital.

Limitless Communications says that there are two ways that can help build credibility:

  • What is said is aimed at building content credibility
  • How it is said is aimed at building process credibility

Process credibility is about knowing how and when to deliver information; and doing so in an assured, professional manner. Delivering the first few words with calm confidence signals to the customers that, this person knows what they’re doing, and helps them relax.

Content credibility is about the person’s knowledge and expertise. The content of the script should be informative and relevant. It should offer a clear, uncluttered picture of the salesperson, the company, the offer, the product/service and why it could be useful to the customer.

Limitless Communications offers details of the five key things that must be included in a sales speech for it to be effective:

  • Make sure the scripts are short, less than 60 seconds is a good time to aim for. If it runs longer just be careful that it does not come across like a lecture.
  • Focus each script on one key point that illustrates something unique or interesting about the company. Don’t include more than one point per script because this risks confusing the client and diluting the message/purpose of the speech.
  • Make sure each script tells a story. Facts and figures are important, but they’re lifeless. Stories are about people. Make sure that there’s a person with a personality in each script – usually someone who has benefited from the product/service being offered to the customer.
  • Choose content that’s relevant to the target audience. Build a library of general scripts relevant to many clients. Then build custom scripts relevant to specific types of clients.
  • Always finish each script with a question. The goal of the meeting is to unearth information by asking questions. Ending every script with a question gives the opportunity to check if the credibility has been earned to do so.

Limitless Communications is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm located in Cork, Ireland. The firm connects with customers on a face-to-face basis in order to improve their clients’ customer acquisition, brand awareness brand loyalty and ultimately drive quality sales. By connecting with consumers through one-to-one interactions, this allows Limitless Communications to build personal and long-lasting relationships between the brand and the consumer. This means that the firm establish their credibility with customers and are more likely to make the sale through their innovative and unique speeches and campaigns. 

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