Limitless Communications: How to Create a Successful Business plan in Direct Marketing

Direct marketing experts Limitless Communications reveal the key elements of writing a strategic business plan for a direct marketing campaign.

Being eager in business can be both a curse and a blessing. Eager young business owners are, on one hand, more likely to profit from making quick decisions and seizing fleeting opportunities that other more cautious entrepreneurs may miss. However, a number of new business owners are so keen to get their business up and running that they fail to prepare the essential planning required for business success. Drive and optimism alone are not solid foundations to build a business from. Businesses must have a clear and defined business plan to not only set realistic goals for the brand, but to give the business a purpose by outlining the brand message and values that potential customers can connect with. Sales and marketing firm Limitless Communications believe that a strong, formal business plan is essential to success and that without one; businesses are running the risk of being under prepared when they come across unforeseen challenges and market changes.

Limitless Communications is an outsourced sales and marketing firm that specialise in direct marketing. The firm meet with customers face to face, on behalf of their clients, in order to build solid relationships which help to increase customer retention rates. To execute a direct marketing campaign successfully it’s important for businesses like Limitless Communications to have a clear and precise business plan in place. In every campaign they work on, Limitless Communications ensure they have a deep understanding of their client’s goals and values so that they can accurately express the brand message to the consumer. To help businesses understand the importance of a clear business plan, especially in the marketing industry Limitless Communications has shared their top tips on creating a successful business plan for direct marketing.


Despite the temptation to cut back on hiring whilst the economy recovers, Limitless Communications believes it’s important in direct marketing to ensure there is always a strong core bank of workers to meet client needs. This means that a business plan must cover what will happen in both successful and tougher times, and ensure that a plan is in place to make sure that the clients don’t experience a drop in service due to cut backs when times are tough.


The direct marketing industry is extremely fast paced, and changes are being made all the time. As trends change and consumer habits shift and adapt, it’s important for businesses to have strategies in place with their business plan that can help accommodate these changes.


For a new business, it’s important to make the most of all marketing avenues to boost brand awareness and get potential customers excited. Limitless Communications believes that it’s vital for new businesses to have strategies in place for all marketing platforms, even if they don’t end up using them.


As a business increases its marketing options, it must also increase its understanding and knowledge of regulations and procedures. With many customers choosing to opt out of marketing calls and emails it’s more important than ever for businesses to cover regulations in their business plans. Limitless Communications believe all businesses should include a job description for one of their employees that include regulatory updates to make sure their business models remain compliant with the changing rules.

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