Limitless Communications Agrees with article claiming SMEs could lead the way for sustainable growth

Direct Marketing firm Limitless Communications voices their support for a recent article claiming SMEs could lead the way for sustainable growth and highlights how SMEs contribute to the economy.

Small and medium sized enterprises are extremely valuable to the economy because they create numerous job opportunities that help to decrease unemployment levels. This also improves consumer income as well as driving fresh and innovative ideas, products and services that consumers can spend this income on. SMEs also provide support for the local community and drive local economic activity.

According to a UK article, SMEs have the ability to lead the agenda on sustainable growth, in 2013 more than 99% of the 4.9m registered businesses were SMEs. They employ more than 14 million people between them and account for an estimated gross value added of £376bn which is equivalent to almost half (49.8%) of the UK economy. In Ireland, SMEs employ almost seven in every ten persons in the business economy.

Limitless Communications understand just how important SMEs are and have highlighted what they do best to contribute to the economy.

Limitless Communications says that SMEs have the most potential to grow and according to a recent survey a quarter of businesses thought of sustainability as their top priority in 2014. A further 53% recognised the cost benefits of implementing sustainable business practices. By doing this SMEs are preparing to survive in tough economic climates and have the potential to expand and grow.

Identifying Business Benefits
Small Businesses are able to differentiate themselves from other businesses and they can create a unique selling point out of being sustainable. Bigger businesses tend to do the minimum amount possible to get by because they are already established and doing well whereas small businesses need to work harder to get into a comfortable thriving situation so they have become really good at identifying ways to become sustainable.

Large Company Support
As well as being suppliers, SMEs are hugely important to large corporations as customers. This helps to make both areas of business more sustainable. Large companies can also help SMEs become more sustainable by working with mentor schemes to support them, as well as offering work experience and training young people to work in SMEs.

Limitless Communications is an outsourced sales and marketing firm located in Cork, Ireland. The firm specialise in face-to-face direct marketing methods that enable them to build long-lasting connections with consumers on behalf of their clients' brands. Limitless Communications direct marketing campaigns help their clients to achieve sustainable growth by increasing their customer acquisition as well as driving sales, retaining customers and improving brand awareness.

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