LGB Direct Urges Businesses to Differentiate Customer ‘Types’ and Use Targeted Marketing

LGB Direct calls for companies to use more targeted campaigns in order to satisfy and appeal to more than one market segment. Targeting marketing can offer a much higher ROI for businesses.

Many companies face the issue of failing to reach certain customers and maintain quality standards due to generalised strategies. The reality is no two customers are the same as they all have different requirements based on their specific needs and preferences. LGB Direct believes companies should use more targeted campaigns in order to satisfy and appeal to more than one market segment.

LGB Direct is a leading outsourced marketing and sales company; they develop and execute marketing campaigns for a variety of industries including, National and International Charities, Entertainment and Telecom clients. LGB Direct specialises in delivering a personalised experience to the customer base. This is a result of following through on understanding customers’ needs and requirements first in order to be able to target them in the most suitable way.

Customers look for different products and services when choosing a company, they also require specific delivery windows, pricing, and packaging, among other things. By being able to recognise these patterns a company will ensure they reach the biggest range of prospects. This customer variability creates an opportunity to generate loyalty and helps creating are durable and long-lasting relationships.

“Our clients use our services due to the fact that we acquire long-term customers and help them build a solid customer base. By using the direct marketing approach we reach a bigger and more differentiated portion of the market than any other type of marketing.” says Lyudmil Borisov, MD at LGB Direct.

In order to be able to set up and manage customer relationships, a company needs to be sensitive to what type of customers’ experience they are delivering. It is a fact that different businesses have widely differing capabilities when it comes to both interacting and customizing.

LGB Direct believes that companies’ proficiency can be measured on their ability to interact and customize the customers’ experience. This mix of capabilities is what defines the type of experience they could bring to current and new customers.

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