Lack of Strategy Skills by UK Marketers Leads to Boom for MarketStorm Global Ltd

MarketStorm Global expresses concern for the industry following the release of a study which reveals that UK marketers fail to form step-by-step strategies to reach their intended end result.

The study, which was carried out by the Cranfield University School of Management, highlights that UK marketers are far less inclined to focus on strategic planning than their counterparts overseas, despite having big expansion plans for 2014. The report shows that 87% of UK marketers expect to grow their business and attract new customers this year, compared to a global average of 75%. Despite the above-average ambition on display, the study warns that UK marketers are not placing enough attention on the actions that would help them to achieve their goals; product innovation and expansion into emerging markets were two particular areas of concern.

Gavin Walsh, managing director of events marketing firm MarketStorm Global, suggests that the Cranfield report is an indication of an ongoing trend this year, whereby the business world is losing patience with ineffective marketers and moving towards a more accountable, results- and processes-driven model. The Cranfield study comes just one month after the Fournaise Marketing Group reported that 79% of marketers failed to convert investment in marketing into increased sales or other quantifiable results such as increased market share throughout 2013. An earlier report by the Fournaise Marketing Group in July 2013 also revealed that 78% of CEOs did not trust their marketing agencies to deliver effective campaigns due to their lack of performance-driven results. “The reports are fairly damning, and show that clients are now holding marketers accountable to delivering performance.. At MarketStorm Global, we have always focused on delivering cost-effective solutions and measurable results, and we have seen a huge surge of client interest over the last six months as businesses are finally looking beyond marketing hype towards agencies that will guarantee them a return on investment,” says MarketStorm Global’s Gavin Walsh.

MarketStorm Global has seen phenomenal growth since the beginning of last year, due in a large part to their practice of merging sales and marketing functions, which guarantees results for their clients. Originally based in Leeds, the firm started out in events-based marketing and promotions; due to their success in this campaign they have now expanded to include a B2B campaign for clients in London, which was launched in February. Managing director Gavin Walsh reports that the firm’s recent boom in client interest and subsequent expansion is due to their results-driven campaigns. MarketStorm Global interacts with consumers directly at events stands or with businesses, and can guarantee a specific conversion rate dependent on campaign and product. “Each day, we can prove to our clients exactly how many people we have promoted their brand to, and how many new customers we have generated. That is information most agencies are unable to provide because they are not results-driven,” says Gavin Walsh, managing director of MarketStorm Global.

MarketStorm Global is one of the leading events marketing firms in Leeds, and has recently expanded into the B2B arena in London.

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