L1 Advanced Thrive as Digital Marketing Campaigns Suffer Criticism

Liverpool-based direct marketing company, L1 Advanced, has reported continuing success despite criticism for campaigns being launched in more contemporary marketing domains. Digital media may boast extensive reach and easy access for consumers, however, there is still much trepidation concerning online security, which can have a hugely damaging effect on customer experience, and in turn, the capacity to measure campaigns’ success.

Digital media relies heavily on the capacity to monitor traffic and measure the effectiveness of each campaign, in order to accurately analyse specific successes and failures and make the necessary changes. However, despite many advantages for buyers, the internet poses ongoing threats, especially concerning security; customers are more and more protective of their personal details, with many consumers reluctant to purchase online for fear of being exploited.

In their article, Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Online, Lee Rainie, Sara Kiesler, Ruogu Kang and Mary Madden confirm that:

"86% of internet users have taken steps online to remove or mask their digital footprints—ranging from clearing cookies to encrypting their email, from avoiding using their name to using virtual networks that mask their internet protocol (IP) address."

This is a considerable figure and presents real issues for digital media marketing campaigns that rely on online analysis. Facebook likes and shares can be counted, however, if consumers are taking steps to conceal their online journeys, it is arguable that this type of marketing cannot be accurately examined. The report goes on to identify that ‘growing numbers of internet users (50%) say they are worried about the amount of personal information about them that is online—a figure that has jumped from 33% who expressed such worry in 2009.’

Despite the rise in online marketing, many companies are utilising a more traditional approach. L1 Advanced is a direct marketing company that focuses primarily on offline methods. However, L1 Advanced’s Managing Director, Carl Swift, argues that this style is by no means outdated and can more than hold its own in the increasingly digital world:

"Direct marketing allows us to connect with customers on a personal level. Not only do we provide high ROI for our clients, we are also able to provide a unique and individual service that consumers can interact with, building a lasting relationship and a reputable service. We are then able to review each campaign, putting new systems in place with immediate effect."

A significant benefit of direct marketing comes in the form of this capacity to receive and respond to customer feedback without delay. With a substantial proportion of online buyers reluctant to share their information, an argument can certainly be made that digital marketing lacks this capacity for review, as the success of individual campaigns cannot be accurately measured if consumers are actively hiding their online behaviour.

Through a combination of personal service and the instant response that face-to-face interaction allows with customers, direct marketing like L1 Advanced have continued to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Whilst the online shopping experience is improving all the time, especially with the presence of digital aids and interactive Q&A sections, it seems that this is no comparison to the real thing. A friendly, approachable and professional face to represent a brand and offer on-site support is still highly valued in the marketplace, and the immediacy of feedback and the speed at which improvements can be implemented is unrivaled.

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