L1 Advanced Ltd Focus on Creating a USP to Give Clients a Marketing Edge

As a business who focus solely on face to face marketing techniques and strategies for their clients, L1 Advanced Ltd already have a strong and definitive position in the marketing industry. However in the coming 6 weeks, the firm are due to focus on honing this important element of their business in order to provide ‘above average results for their clientele’.

It’s important within any business, not just in a competitive field such as marketing to have a strong USP. A USP or unique selling proposition is what makes a business stand out from its competitors, and can ultimately make the difference between a business soaring to success or crashing spectacularly. The proposition or unique selling point of a business or brand must be offering the customer something that other available brands are not, and must be a strong enough draw to not only attract new customers, but also be able to lure customers away from competing companies services too.

To understand whether a business has a strong USP, they must first weigh up their services to that of their competitors, and work out whether they are actually offering anything unique to their consumers. It’s not a cause for panic if a company can’t identify a USP, it just means as a company they need to carefully asses where there is a gap in their particular field, or what in that field they feel needs changing for the better.

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So why is face to face marketing a great USP compared to traditional mass media marketing techniques? One of the glaring downfalls of mass media marketing is that consumers are bombarded with these techniques every day, so much so that they have adapted to ignore a large percentage of them. The sheer volume of leaflets, television advertisements and billboards consumers are faced with, that are marketing hundreds of thousands of different services means that a vast majority of these expensive marketing campaigns fail to make much of an impact. Face to face direct marketing tackles this issue by making the process far more personal and tailored to the consumers’ needs. By reaching consumers on a face to face, one on one basis companies can gain feedback on their products and services instantly, whilst also learning what the consumers are actually after from them as a company. This gives them the edge over their competitors, who if using mass media techniques, receive consumer feedback far more sporadically which can then effect future product development. A vast majority of face to face marketing techniques are carried out in public venues such as shopping centres, which is highly beneficial to brands as consumers are already in a buying frame of mind. In turn, the consumer tends to have far more confidence buying into that brand, as they have an open outlet of communication with the brand that allows them to ask any questions that mass media marketing techniques such as billboards and television advertising fail to address.

With direct face to face marketing becoming a game changer within the highly competitive marketing field, L1 Advanced Ltd plan to release full details of their personalised marketing services, and how they plan to attract new clients with this freshly adapted USP in the very near future.

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