L1 Advanced Ltd Announce Plans for New Brainstorming Formula

The Liverpool-based direct marketing firm consider the importance of creativity in the industry, and have been developing new ways of encouraging and nurturing it within their company.

Direct marketing is an industry that heavily relies on a constant stream of fresh thinking in order to stand out among the competition. For every client they work with, marketing firms need to create and plan an individual and relevant campaign, which without a fresh and innovative approach, simply won’t bring their clients the results they are after.

As consumers’ behaviours and buying habits are constantly shifting more than ever, marketers are brainstorming new ideas of how to keep consumers engaged. With so many brands’ and corporations competing for consumers’ attentions, consumers are becoming far less responsive to many marketing techniques. It’s up to marketers to create a working environment where creativity can flourish in order to stay one step ahead of the consumer with new innovative approaches, and L1 Advanced Ltd are in the process of planning new brainstorming methods in order to achieve just that.

Many well-known brainstorming techniques are still used and relied on by many companies around the world. Techniques such as simple free writing and webbing, where new ideas branch off and develop from one original thought, do serve their purpose as a means to get individuals thinking. However with many offices and workspaces being fairly uninspiring and unstimulating environments even tried and tested techniques like these can fail.

L1 Advanced Ltd are voicing their plans in the hope of emphasising the importance of creativity in a small business setting. Small businesses have to compete with larger companies who have a much larger workforce to provide creative input. However, in smaller businesses, workers tend to be closer to the core values of the company than larger corporations, and can reflect this in their brainstorming sessions, which is why it’s so vital that small businesses respect and nurture creativity.

Through some simple changes to brainstorming activities, businesses can greatly improve their productivity. By taking an attentive approach, businesses can allow all individuals an equal chance to share their ideas without interruptions, which encourages an ease of sharing among the work force. Another new approach to brainstorming is through encouraging people to be more mindful and aware of their environment, which is thought to be an effective way of letting ideas emerge naturally. Some companies even find that by looking at problems through the perspective of a competing business, they get the most out of their creative minds by allowing their team to distance themselves from their own companies mind set. It’s through strategies like these that L1 Advanced Ltd are hoping to come up with a solid formulae to boost the firm’s creativity.

Managing Director, Carl Swift says, ‘We’re always looking to improve our internal practices and asking individuals to contribute their ideas to assist with developing new strategies is important to us as a company’.

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