Innovative Use for Unused Formal Dining Room

The home owners used to consider their dedicated formal dining room to be a waste of space; it went unused. But after seeing an Adept-IS flyer about home cinema systems, they realized they could better utilize their seemingly useless dining room.

After an initial meeting with the home owners, Adept-IS’ sales director, Matt Cupper created a detailed quote which included a budget, design specifications, and equipment matching the acoustic potential of the room. A local interior designer created fabric and colour swatches and designed the overall aesthetics of the home cinema, while the Adept-IS specialist in-house design team created 3D rendered images of the room design, enabling the home owners to better envision the finished product of their new home cinema.

Post installation, Adept-IS technicians completed a full system test, which included audio level monitoring, precision setup of the projector, room dressing, and meticulous cleaning.

Finally, Adept-IS provided the home owners with a full training and hand-over service to ensure they would get the most out of their home cinema. Delighted with the end product, the home owners now watch movies with family during the holidays and even allowed Adept-IS to use their home as a show case.

Visit Adept-IS’ website at for more services or contact Matt Cupper at or call him at 0845 618 5325 for a free consultation.

By Lauren Bally, April 16, 2014

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