Indian gentlemen fuel demand for makeup for men.

It has long been known that the popularity of makeup for men is growing here in the UK. It doesn't take a gene and a lamp to tell you that men across Britain are more concerned about and greatly devoted to their looks than ever before. Some would argue that men in makeup offers an undertone of femininity and should be classified as simply wrong. However, others, including our ladies, opt to embrace the national phenomenon, as men all over look towards the likes of foundation, bronzer and even concealer to achieve that perfect finish.

But who's fuelling the fire? Who's adding an aroma of masculinity and truly making it their own when it comes to daily male cosmetic use? A report from MMUK MAN, Britain's largest retailer of men's cosmetics has highlighted the huge growth in Indian men exchanging moisturisers for foundations and dabbling in high end cosmetic products in search of a complexion fit for a king, truly mirroring their glamorous and jazzy lifestyle.

Whether it's for a special occasion, with Indian weddings renowned for creating marvellous showpieces, or in business, Indian gentlemen look set to continue to rid themselves of the grooming shackles and Basque in skin perfecting products, to truly steal the limelight. Nights out, dates, meetings and family occasions, all represent great opportunities to showcase a brand new and upgraded look and it appears now more than ever, Indian gents are grasping the opportunity and simply running with it.

Co-founder of MMUK MAN Alex Dalley, which offers over 30 specialist cosmetic products for men says 'Throughout 2013 we saw a huge rise in Indian gentlemen ordering makeup for men products compared to 2012. A great deal of these were grooms, interested to learn about makeup for their wedding day...With concealer for men and foundation being very popular amongst this market segment, we cannot see demand slowing down for these types of products this year as gentlemen continue to break the grooming boundaries'

With Indian gentlemen renowned for taking great care of their hair and skin, it is surely only a natural evolution into the realms of man makeup? A little touch up goes a long way and many gentlemen are quickly coming to realise it. With subtlety top of the agenda in their male grooming and cosmetic preferences, swiftly taking the ‘fancy dress’ aspect of daily wear, there's suddenly a serious undertone to a phenomenon which could soon find itself in a bathroom near you.

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