Iconic Strategies Ltd: Could you be the biggest barrier for your business?

Business owners face many barriers whilst trying to obtain success. However, Iconic Strategies Ltd believe the most common barriers faced by business owners are mental ones, and offer advice on how to retrain the brain in order to succeed in business.

Being a business owner and entrepreneur is a way of life that offers unlimited possibilities to those who truly believe in it and live by it. But at the same time, entrepreneurship is a way of life that can totally alter the course of a person's life if misunderstood.

Lack of knowledge, overthinking and fear of risk can all cause a business owner to restrict the growth of their business.

  • Lack of knowledge – the entrepreneur on the path to failure won't see the need to develop their business IQ because of the quest for money. Such an entrepreneur fail is thinking business is all about how much money can be made and forgetting business disciplines in order to remain functional.
  • Fear of risk – entrepreneurship is about unleashing a passion and creativity to do something that is truly cared about. The entrepreneur on the path to failure is the one who would never launch because of the fear of failure (risk averse).
  • Overthinking – if ideas and new innovations are over-thought, then they will never become a reality. Some entrepreneurial prospects are inhibited by an owner's own thinking or over-thinking.

To avoid these types of business failures, business owners can use exercise to keep their brain active and increase problem solving abilities. Iconic Strategies Ltd have researched and found that according to scientific studies, some of the benefits of brain games and teasers include: boosting brain activity, providing emotional satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, enhancing memory and processing speed, helping to slow brain decline and reduce to risk of dementia, improving concentration and reducing boredom.

Iconic Strategies Ltd believe that brain exercises should be used by business owners on a regular basis to increase productivity and avoid failure. The firm highlight that entrepreneurs should seek new ways of seeing things, and a great way of doing this is to exercise the mind with brain teasers and to deliberately expose the brain to new and different ways of thinking.

Iconic Strategies Ltd is an ambitious outsourced event marketing and sales firm based in Norwich. The firm use a unique marketing approach to help a wide range of clients acquire quality, long term customers of businesses throughout the UK. The firm's direct event marketing campaigns will guarantee clients a higher return on investment than other traditional forms of marketing and advertising.

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