‘Bloody Ploughman’ Bloody Ploughman Apple Trees was first described in 1883 and was once thought to be entirely lost to cultivation.

Now the Chris Bowers fruit trees nursery is propagating this old heirloom variety as a special supercolumn tree which is ideal for today’s smaller gardens.

“Many gardeners remain interested in these old historic apple trees but often feel they may be too big for a small garden. This is such an interesting and valuable old apple variety that we wanted to make sure anyone can grow it in their garden” says John Bowers, M.D.

‘Bloody Ploughman’ has a very interesting story behind its name. Legend has it that a Ploughman, caught stealing apples from the estate he worked for, was shot. His wife subsequently was given the bag of apples but discarded them on a rubbish heap where a seedling then emerged. The seedling was rescued by a fellow worker of the ill-fated Ploughman and nurtured it until it could be named in his memory – The Bloody Ploughman Apple.

The fruits of this beautiful old variety are a very handsome brilliant deep blood red; how fitting for an Apple with such a story! Very crisp and sweet, the apples have little acidity and can be enjoyed from mid September until well into November. When fully ripe the inner flesh becomes stained with pink. It is easy to grow and very frost hardy & also has beautiful blossom.

Trees are available now from Chris Bowers fruit nursery. The Supercolumn form is a slender compact growing tree that needs just 18-24” in which to grow and will reach only 6’ or so in. Also ideal for patio containers.


Editorial notes: ‘Bloody Ploughman’ was first described in 1883 and is thought have it’s origins in the Carse of Gowrie, Scotland.

Trees available in 3 litre containers price £20.95 each. This variety is also available in larger growing bush-tree form.

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