How To Report A Street Problem To Your Council

In recent years the growth in traffic and its attendant problems throughout the UK has brought increasingly widespread recognition of the importance of highway maintenance, and the high value placed on it both by users and the wider community is designed to assist both residents and councils free of charge.

There is also an increasing understanding of the serious consequences of failure to invest adequately and effectively in maintaining the local highway network, in particular the progressive deterioration of safety, reliability, and quality, eventually requiring even greater levels of investment in the future.

There are however even wider consequences. The highway network is a key and highly visible community asset, supporting the national and local economy and contributing to the character, and environment of the areas that it serves.

The adoption of the Street Repairs software will enable authorities to manage these broader transport objectives, as well as the more detailed technical aspects of highway maintenance planning.

The potential contribution of the local road network extends far wider even than transport. It is fundamental to the economic, social and environmental well being of the community, and its management and maintenance should seek to maximise this wider contribution. Effective management of the local road network has the potential to aid regeneration, social inclusion, community safety, health and the environment, but this will need a planned long-term programme of investment, efficiently managed and supported by effective technical and management systems, Street Repairs software covers all of these areas and assists in bringing clarity and transparency to all involved.

Road users and users of public amenities prefer reasonable consistency of standards irrespective of administrative boundaries, encouraging harmonisation so far as practicable, both between local roads and adjoining authorities. The Street Repairs fault reporting software applies this throughout the UK, whilst recognising the need for reasonable local discretion and diversity, and essential regional differences.

The highway network is a most highly valued physical asset, both in financial and community terms, for which public authorities are responsible. Effective asset management is crucially important, both to users and the community and this is where Street Repairs comes into its own. Authorities are recommended to adopt the principles of this Street Repairs system, to adapt it as necessary based on consideration of local circumstances, and apply it consistently.

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