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The Milan based sales and marketing firm believe that the best way for businesses to make successful changes to their strategies, is to appeal to customers for honest and constructive feedback.

It can be difficult for business owners to take criticism, especially if their business is the result of many years of hard work and passion. However, HB Group believe that receiving criticism is the only way that entrepreneurs can make the correct changes to their businesses in order to fully meet their customers’ needs. Requesting feedback from workers and friends may be a business owners first step towards conditioning themselves to accept and adapt to criticism, however HB Group believe that for honest and impartial feedback business owners must turn to their customers.

It’s important for business owners to assess every process within the business from a customer’s perspective; however this can sometimes be difficult. As a business grows the owner naturally becomes further removed from the customer experience. Therefore, HB Group believe to ensure customer requirements are being met its important for businesses to appeal to them to share what they would like to see happen or improve within the business.

Customers are the fuel for a business’ fire, without them a business cannot function. This makes them the ideal candidates to submit honest and helpful feedback. as someone interested buying a particular product, a customer is likely to have done a lot of research on competing products and companies. By appealing to customers for feedback, businesses can learn what it is that attracts a customer to a brand and utilise this information to stay ahead in the market.

By appealing to their target market, HB Group believe that businesses will gain a clear and precise insight into what customers really want, as well as identifying any gaps in the market that haven’t previously been addressed.

HB Group believe that their approach to direct marketing could really help businesses get the most out of their consumer feedback and support their future growth and success in their chosen market. The firm offer their clients a range of sales and marketing solutions and can even help their clients through every stage of the marketing process from creation to implementing the campaign to analysing the resulting data. HB Group specialise in face to face direct marketing and believe that meeting with consumers face to face not only create better customer relationships, but also allows customers to provide constructive feedback in a comfortable and informal way.

HB Group believes that these direct marketing techniques are highly effective in collecting and acting on customer feedback. The firm have helped a number of clients adapt their products and services by running test campaigns on small areas of their target demographic. These test runs have allowed the firm to collect feedback on behalf of their clients so that any issues can be fully addressed before the final campaign goes live. HB Group Italia is proud of the impressive results this approach has achieved and believes that many more businesses and start-ups could benefit from appealing for customer criticism. 

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