Graitres is a new phenomenon in the fashion world

Graitres announces that it is limiting its 2015 collection to Graitres style shirts only. These are T-shirt dresses with a collar. Its 2013 collection was a success and the 2014 collection sold out in the first half of the year.

"The brand is a new phenomenon in fashion history," said Monda Wahi, Graitres Media Manager, continuing: "Investment in design details is becoming the key to success in the future of fashion, and designers should not be amateurs but professionals with success stories in an art-related field." Many critics agree with the Graitres philosophy for developing the future of fashion, with celebrities adding value by putting together the idea behind the design sketch and moda colors.

Many mothers buy Graitres shirts as gifts for their daughters because the brand is not open for anyone to own, but is limited to existing customers and referrals. This makes Graitres items a valuable and prestigious collection with a sellable value, which increases with time.

Then what is Graitres? Graitres is a made-up word, a combination of how the word “great” is pronounced together with the middle three letters from the word “dress”. It is now becoming a much loved brand by girls due to its specialization in casual T-shirt dresses with unique styles of neck collars and usually four to six chest buttons.

Graitres introduces only one single design each year, with a limited production of 500 pieces worldwide. Each Graitres shirt usually has a tag number from 1 to 500, with the year digit. For example, 72/500/2014 is for number 72 out of 500 pieces produced in the year 2014.

The traditional Graitres neck has a soft fold at the top and stands up around the neck. Both ends of the tube forming the collar are sewn to the neckline. This is mainly used to achieve the appearance of a Graitres shirt dress, where the fabric varies depending on the season and climate where it is sold.

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