Fitness Fan has 2 inches of Leg Removed after a Waterslide Accident in Turkey

A fitness fan who has had two inches of his leg cut off after a tragic holiday waterslide accident robbed him of his mobility last night warned holidaymakers “beware of the pool”.

Des Jarvis issued the stark warning for other families planning on visiting foreign water parks with holiday giant First Choice this summer.

Window fitter Des, broke his right leg in 6 places after flying out of the end of the chute and smashing into the pool wall opposite.

Since then the Dad of 2 has had to have 5 major ops and had his ankle joint removed and leg broken into 3 parts by doctors in a bid try and save the limb after a horror smash on a water chute.

They have also removed his fibia and placed his leg in a big iron cage attached by 16 metal pins and rods through his leg.

His case is being featured on BBC One's Holiday Hit Squad tonight (Thursday) where experts have deemed the slide to be flouting local health and safety standards.

Doctors have now told housebound Des that his career is over and he is unlikely to ever work again.

He blasted last night: “I am now a recluse but First Choice couldn’t care less. I cant sleep, go out or do anything and I am in constant pain. But all they want to do is sweep it under the carpet. I have lost 2 inches of my height off my right leg as they had to cut all the infected bone away. And now my leg is in 3 pieces. Its disgusting and my life is now a constant battle against pain and emotion. And to add insult to injury I have been told that I will never be able to go back and do the job I love. Its all I have known for 24 years and now its over. I have no life anymore, I can’t go out, get dressed, socialise, nothing. Its just like being in purgatory but with added pain. I don't want anyone else to go through this hell."

His nightmare began shortly after arriving at the Didim Beach Resort in Altinkum in Turkey in 2012 as a treat for his girlfriend Nikki, 42, and their 4 kids.

After the accident, which was caught on film, medics out there operated, but he was then flown home and since then Des has endured 2 more operations and last October had a cage fitted with an open wound with metal plate and screws clearly visible.

Now 18 months since his accident Des of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire is still in constant pain and is suffering flashbacks and is unable to sleep and is unable to leave the house or get dressed.

He has also been unable to be a dad or socialise properly with his children as he cant leave his sofa and is now constantly depressed and is surviving on hand outs.

The 46-year-old added: “The holiday company have robbed me of my kids childhoods. I can’t go and play football with my son or take them for days out or go to parents evenings. It’s a living hell and First Choice have washed their hands of me. If their chief exec spent one minute in my body they would do the honorable thing and pay me some compensation. I have to live in my pyjamas every minute of everyday because I cant put any trousers over the cage. my girlfriend has to work as my virtual career administering antibiotics and washing me. Its demeaning. I used to love getting out and about and doing exercise and now I cant do anything. I look like iron man and I fee my life is now like living in a cage.”

Since his accident a new video has since emerged of another holidaymaker having a near miss on the same slide where Des was injured and it has been revealed that 5 other holidaymakers have been injured on the same slide as Des.

Last night his travel lawyer Nick Harris of Simpson Millar LLP said: "It’s bordering on madness that despite Des’ accident and other similar accidents the slide remains in use."

"It’s almost as though someone must be killed before anything will be done. If someone comes down the slide head first they will have no chance."

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