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It’s estimated that business owners work an extra day of overtime a week to keep up with business demands. MJ Experia Marketing offer solutions for business owners to help reduce stress and relieve the pressures associated with business ownership.

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) conducted a survey recently that revealed that nine out of ten workers in the UK work well over their contracted hours each week. Over 1,000 ILM members were surveyed, out of which 76% of people regularly work late in the office or at home, proving that overtime is firmly embedded in the UK. In fact, a survey by the Office for National Statistics shows that the UK has the third highest working hours in the EU.

MJ Experia Marketing has highlighted that small business owners may be under several pressures due to the uncertainty of the economy and regular market changes let alone the pressure to keep up with the competition. Sometimes business owners may feel as though there is no escape from work, nearly everyone has smart phones and tablets so they can access their emails constantly. There is no getting away from the fact the UK is becoming a 24/7 business environment.

MJ Experia Marketing has shared some top tips for reducing pressure whilst ensuring the business remains on track.

Email habits – Setting good habits around email management can really help people organise their time and increase their effectiveness. Rather than constantly checking emails, set time aside once or twice a day to process emails. Prioritise the more important ones and deal with these first.

Build a good team – Managers with a good team in place can delegate full responsibility for projects and hold people accountable for their work. Develop clear expectations of what is expected from the team, the goals and how they are expected to be delivered. Enforcing accountability is essential for creating successful teams as it gives people a real sense of purpose and achievement.

Have clear priorities – People often spend hours working on the wrong things, things that are not their responsibility or are low priority to the business. Clarify what is essential and ease work pressure by ensuring the work undertaken is highly valued.

Since it was founded, MJ Experia Marketing has grown steadily. MJ Experia Marketing is a force of sales professionals with a different and unique approach to sales improvement. The firm creates tailored campaigns for each of their clients which they then take directly to their customers, engaging in face-to-face interaction. This sets them apart from their competition as they deliver quality customer service and build personal relationships with consumers; this improves brand loyalty for their clients. 

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