Executive Touch’s Guide to Building Customer Trust and Confidence

Getting customers to spend time with a brand is essential for generating trust, claims Executive Touch. The Leeds-based firm who specialise in meeting customers face to face offer an insightful guide in building consumer trust and confidence.

It is important to build close relationships with consumers because studies have shown that these relationships with brands are what drive them to shop where they do and continue to return to their favourite brands. As a business grows it is constantly dealing with new customers and ensuring that each consumer develops a personal relationship with the brand can be difficult. But it is essential to do so to increase brand loyalty.

To help businesses understand how to build trust with their customers Executive Touch is offering their top six tips.

Be more personal
Building the company's reputation is one thing but bringing a personality to the brand is much more important. The business should come across as though they are speaking to one consumer directly and not just to anyone that will listen.

Be honest
Consumers respect honesty. Nothing annoys a consumer more than seeing an advert for something that sounds great but when they look closely at the small print there is a catch. If there are any additional costs or enhancements then consumers must be made aware of this straight away.

Compare to others
Compare the brand to others in the same market, i.e. when the brand claims to be better than its competition, prove it.

Spell out the guarantee
Stand behind what the brand does. Guarantee a service and always comply with that service even if the situation may be costly or difficult. This proves that the business will stand by its promise no matter what.

Make it easy to complain
Provide phone numbers, feedback email access, and any other possible ways for customers to get in touch when there is a problem. Customers become more annoyed when the issue is not solved quickly or they cannot find a way to solve it and this will result with a negative impact to the company.

Build on successes
Demonstrate the brand's results. Get in touch with satisfied customers and display their feedback where other potential customers can see them. The company name is important but putting a personal touch on the business is never a bad idea.

Executive Touch is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm that develop unique and personalised marketing campaigns to help their clients improve their customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty. Executive Touch specialise in face-to-face marketing because they believe this develops and nurtures personalised relationships between brand and consumer. Executive Touch believes that the personalised service they offer is the reason for their very successful business growth since the firm was opened.

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