Executive Touch Ltd’s Guide to Running a Direct Marketing Campaign

With years of direct marketing experience, Executive Touch Ltd offer entrepreneurs and business owners new to the sector their top tips in running a successful direct marketing campaign.

Executive Touch Ltd is an established direct sales and marketing company located in Leeds. The firm specialises in creating unique and personalised campaigns that are designed to improve their clients’ customer acquisition, brand loyalty, brand awareness and drive quality sales. Executive Touch Ltd works closely with their clients, who are often small or start-up businesses, to establish their goals. The firm then works hard to help them achieve success in all of these areas. Executive Touch Ltd believes it is their direct marketing approach which has helped them to become such a strong influence on new businesses achieving success. They connect with consumers directly through face-to-face engagement and this helps to create long-lasting bonds between the brand and consumer.

Direct marketing is the business of selling products or services directly the public. Direct marketing does not use techniques such as TV or radio advertising, but instead has a much more personalised approach and has a proven track record for engaging with customers. A well-executed direct marketing campaign can prove a positive return on investment by showing how many potential customers responded to a campaign. The results are easily measurable and each campaign can be personalised to work for a business of any size. Direct marketing can include email marketing, flyers and phone-calls but Executive Touch Ltd prefer the event-based side of direct marketing so that they can connect with consumers face-to-face.

In order for more businesses to utilise the success of direct marketing, Executive Touch Ltd are offering their top fundamental tips when devising a successful direct marketing campaign.

Pick out Customer Profiles
Marketers should begin by diving into their database to create profiles of their existing customers. Using this profiling process helps to identify a target demographic as well as target their campaign’s message to appeal to the customers’ identified needs.

Data Providers are a Useful Tool
Bring a data provider on board to help create a database if the company doesn’t already have one. They will be able to offer additional information such as postcodes, telephone numbers and more, all of which can help target the right person.

Sourcing New Clients
One of the most important aspects of the campaign is generating new business leads. Use extensive market research and uncover the product/services’ USP to identify potentially untapped sectors. Try to spot gaps in the market to extend market reach.

A Helping Hand
Rent or buy email lists or direct mail lists from a data provider. These should be specifically tailored to complement the company’s own database findings/market research and open up a wealth of new prospects to target.

Producing the Campaign
Once the business has identified a target demographic and market, it’s time to create the campaign. Unless the appropriate skills are available in-house to product it, it is a good idea to outsource to a group of people who have the correct skills.

Don’t Scrimp On Costs
How the message is presented to a potential prospect is vital. First impressions count so hiring a great team will be well worth it. Monitor the interest that the campaign generates and analyse any collected data to improve future campaigns.

Executive Touch Ltd completes all of these steps and more for their clients to give them a high return on investment and to make sure they are as successful as possible. 

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