Executive Touch Ltd will run Time Management Seminar Following Franklin Covey Event

Last week, the managing director of sales and marketing firm Executive Touch attended a much praised time management seminar in London. The '5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity' seminar aimed to help business professionals make the most of their time and increase their business efficiencies.

On Friday 7th of November, Managing Director of Executive Touch, James Sagar joined a number of business professionals from across the UK in travelling to London to attend Franklin Covey's celebrated time management course. The one-day course was based on Covey's now infamous '5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity', a highly effective time management approach that has caught the attentions of business professionals and entrepreneurs around the world.

In today's modern world, business professionals are faced with a greater number of distractions than ever before; the popularity of mobile technologies and online applications has led to many business owners becoming overwhelmed and unable to focus. The principles of Franklin Covey's seminar revolve around learning techniques and approaches that allow professionals to easily identify what tasks are most important for their business' growth, whilst also teaching them to ignore negative or distracting stimuli. The seminar also helped the attendees to clarify their own individual business goals and actively look for ways to achieve these goals by making small changes to how they make choices within their daily lives.

The one day seminar was held at London's famous Guoman Hotel at Tower Bridge. The hotel provides a wide range of business suites and lounges, making it an ideal location for a great number of business events and functions. The Hotel also boasts stunning views of some of London's most recognised landmarks which has led to it becoming a firm favourite among those within the sales and marketing industry.

The eye opening seminar provided each attendee with a participant guide, which set out some of the key points covered in the course. Attendees also received a guide to online resources and helpful videos to help them integrate the skills learnt in the seminar into their everyday working practices.

Executive touch is a Leeds based sales and direct marketing firm that works to reconnect businesses with their target consumers. The firm outsource their services to a wide range of businesses across the UK, meeting with customers on behalf of their clients in order to improve customer relationships and drive sales.

Following the event last week Executive Touch believe there are many ways their sales and marketing force could better utilise their time. Inspired by the event and the many innovative techniques that he learnt, James Sagar is set to run a seminar within the firm this week to offer his top tips and increase the firm's overall productivity.

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