Executive Touch Ltd Review what ‘London of the North’ Proposal Means for Leeds

Executive Touch Ltd support the Northern Gateway proposal, which could see several northern cities become the 'London of the North' to help counterbalance the dominant economic power of the South.

Studies have made it clear that where countries have more entrusted local control, cities tend to do better economically. The government has tight control of UK finances, local infrastructure development and skills provision, which has limited what can be achieved in northern cities. The south-east economy is dominating and northern cities are unable to compete, which is undermining UK economic growth and stopping the UK from making full use of its diverse regional economic assets. Executive Touch Ltd says that for this reason it is vital that economic decentralisation takes place and supports the idea of a 'London of the north'.

The idea involves a union of the six Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) of The Humber, Sheffield City Region, Leeds City Region, Greater Manchester, Cheshire & Warrington and Liverpool City Region coming together to create an economic 'super region,' to be known as the Northern Gateway. The Northern Gateway would act as a counterbalance to the dominant economic power of the South East and will rival the influence of the world's great capitals and trading blocks. This should see an increase in economic activity and will have a great impact and transform the whole northern economy.

The continued growth and development within the Northern Gateway will be underpinned by the largest banking, finance and business services centre outside London and will be based in the Leeds City region. Expecting to grow by 51% in the next eight years, this facility will offer stable, secure investment opportunities for the entire super-region. For northern start-ups and small businesses like Executive Touch Ltd this will mean the opportunity to secure funding and other support needed to get their businesses off the ground. The new trading opportunities would also mean more business and more opportunity for growth. Small businesses like Executive Touch Ltd will be at the heart of these plans because they provide for the economy massively, by creating new job opportunities and new products/services for consumers to invest in.

Executive Touch Ltd is an outsourced sales and direct marketing company based in Leeds. The firm specialises in face-to-face marketing techniques in order to create long-lasting and personalised relationships between their clients' brands and consumers. These techniques lead to improved customer acquisition, brand loyalty and brand awareness. Executive Touch Ltd help small businesses in the northern area reach their maximum potential using direct marketing. Executive Touch Ltd is therefore in favour of the 'London of the North' idea as the idea and the firm share many core values such as helping small businesses and improving the economy.

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