DMA’s View on One-to-One Welcomed by Pro UK Consultants

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has announced that the time for a one-to-one future is now. Pro UK Consultants is a Birmingham based direct marketing firm specialising in personalised marketing at event venues in the West Midlands and welcome the industry support.

Ginger Conlon, the Editor-in-Chief of Direct Marketing News has recently offered her take on one-to-one marketing and what it means to make an impact on the marketing industry. Conlon says that 21 years ago she attended a local launch event for a book titled The One-To-One Future where she and a small number of others met with co-authors Don Peppers and Martha Rogers. The group discussed marketing in general and mainly one-to-one marketing. Conlon says that she ‘learned a great deal in that one discussion about the core principles of customer-centric marketing.’

In the article Conlon talks about how fellow marketers have discussed the book with her and how the level of these conversations is growing rapidly. She is now being bombarded with conversations with brand marketers, industry vendor executives, and other marketing insiders and almost every one of the conversations over the past several months has included references to one-to-one marketing and how it’s finally a reality.

Marketers are now able to truly deliver on the promise of a deeply relevant and personalised customer experience because technology has advanced enough to bring scale to the intimacy of the small, independent businesses.

A recent article on Direct Marketing News also says that today’s marketers can take personalisation one step further and deliver one-to-one communications to customers based on real-time behaviour, interests, preferences and customer data. “The technology that supports one-to-one marketing is not only here, it’s pervasive,” said Eric Tobias, VP of Web Products at ExactTarget, in the article.

Pro UK Consultants Ltd specialise in setting up event-based promotions to improve their clients’ branding, sales and national awareness. They understand that customer acquisition is a necessity for every company and increase the customer base for their clients at a competitive cost. The firm develop marketing campaigns that are specifically tailored for each client and their products; this allows them to have a flexible approach at events. Using face-to-face methods is beneficial for their clients as it allows them to fully express the message of their clients clearly and in detail, building one-to-one relationships with potential and existing customers without the need for media.

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