Direct Marketing Steady Despite Social Media Boom, Claims Atlas Outsourcing

Reading-based event marketing firm Atlas Outsourcing claims customers will always crave interaction. Therefore the ambitious startup conclude that despite the social media boom, direct marketing techniques will remain the dominant method for converting sales.

Atlas Outsourcing is a striving startup firm, located in Reading, Berkshire. Despite the continued hype surrounding social media, Atlas Outsourcing have chosen to remain traditional with their marketing techniques, by specialising in direct marketing. The Reading-based firm believe that although social media is extremely relative to customers today, Atlas Outsourcing claim consumer’s still desire interaction when it comes to marketing. Personalised interaction is an attribute that direct marketing is renowned for, and something that social media platforms cannot compete with.

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In a recent article, Clayman Marketing Communications have discussed the prospect of social media experiencing a ‘boom’ and a ‘bust’. Businesses, marketers and consumers alike are all aware of the boom ‘social media’ has taken in recent years; with more and more people getting online each year, and becoming more familiar with not just one, but multiple digital platforms. What people might not be so aware of is the ‘bust’ social media could experience in the near future. This doesn’t necessarily mean that social media sites like Facebook or Twitter will completely, disappear, more the glossy reputations these sites have will simply tarnish. To conclude, companies that have solely depended on the ‘social media revolution’ will experience a tough transition. It is with this knowledge that Atlas Outsourcing has chosen to use direct marketing techniques, because it is a time-less form of marketing. Direct marketing engages with customers on a face-to-face basis, delivering a personalised and unique customer experience. Customers want to feel appreciated and the most effective way of achieving their gratitude and loyalty is by dealing with their issues in person, instead of a computer screen. Without knowing what changes will occur in the future, Atlas Outsourcing can be reassured that direct marketing will always be relative.

Although, this isn’t to say that social media will become completely useless. Atlas Outsourcing stress the importance of social media for branding and maintaining an online presence. Yet, when it comes to converting sales, Atlas Outsourcing believe that direct marketing is the most efficient method.

Atlas Outsourcing is an outsourced direct marketing firm based in Reading. The firm specialises in event marketing, where products are promoted at retail venues, conferences, festivals or exhibitions directly to consumers. Event marketing is one of the fastest growing fields in marketing and advertising today. Atlas Outsourcing believe direct marketing and social media marketing will be used in harmony, with cross-channel marketing playing a more prominent role. Atlas Outsourcing claim businesses will use social media for branding purposes and direct marketing for generating sales.

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