Debate Held Over Direct Marketing vs. Market Research at MJ Experia Marketing

A debate on whether to focus on event marketing techniques or investigate consumer needs in the direct marketing industry boiled over during MJ Experia Marketing’s business strategy workshop on Saturday 8st March in Birmingham.

Last weekend, Saturday 8st March, two marketing freelancers went head-to-head during a segment of MJ Experia Marketing’s business strategy meeting. Hosted at the firm’s Birmingham office, the two freelancers strongly voiced their opinions regarding the importance of direct and event marketing techniques and market research about consumers’ needs.

“The debate got quite heated but it came from the hunger to succeed which drives our force of freelancers. I am pleased to see that we have strong, confident and passionate individuals representing our brand,” explains Matt Wassall, managing director of MJ Experia Marketing.

Direct marketing is an extremely efficient marketing tool, as it allows MJ Experia Marketing to deliver their clients’ products or services straight to the customer. This direct approach enables the Birmingham-based firm to engage with customers directly, and collect instant feedback. The results that MJ Experia Marketing receive are immediate and quantifiable, making it a more accurate method of marketing, compared to digital marketing. MJ Experia Marketing specialise in event marketing. This means that the firm carry out their direct marketing campaigns at retail parks, conferences, fairs and private venues.

Investigating consumer needs is equally just as important, and works in sync with how MJ Experia Marketing deliver their marketing campaigns. Event locations for each campaign are assigned based on the target demographic, which is why having access to this information is essential for MJ Experia Marketing. Conducting consumer and market research is even possible at such events, and MJ Experia Marketing are already reporting the information they collect back to their clients.

MJ Experia Marketing is an outsourced sales and event marketing firm based in Birmingham. The firm deliver direct marketing campaigns for clients throughout the UK. The firm strategically plan the time, location and length of each campaign based on the client’s demographic. MJ Experia Marketing will continue to collect consumer and market data whilst conducting their event marketing campaigns, in order to keep up to date with the ever-changing needs of consumers.

MJ Experia Marketing managed to address both points and have come to a conclusion on the topic. The firm hope to reveal the actions they will be taking following this debate in the next few weeks.

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