D3 Logic’s MD Explains Why his Office is His Temple!

The environment in which you work can really affect your productivity levels, as anyone who has tried to work in a cluttered office will testify. For the Managing Director of direct marketing firm D3 Logic, having a pleasant working environment has made all the difference. A while ago he organised for his office to be redecorated, and he is amazed at how much more productive and motivated he is as a result. This has convinced him of the importance of having a nice place in which to work.

He says, ‘This has revolutionised the way in which I work. I am now organised, I know where everything is and I am working at a far speedier rate. Because my office feels organised, my mind does too. I no longer panic about forgetting things or losing things - everything is under control and I am able to work with a clear head - moving through priorities in the right order. I wish I had done it ages ago!’

He is right - after all, as the old saying goes, ‘A tidy desk means a tidy mind’. Tidying and redecorating an office often falls to the bottom of the list when you are busy. However, making the time to spruce up your office can make all the difference to your working life - stress will reduce, productivity will increase and things will get done properly. This can only be good for business. It doesn’t take much to change the space in which you work - simply organise for some decorators to come in, invest in some new furniture and equipment, and perhaps add a few finishing touches such as some plants and some eye-catching and inspiring artwork.

In the direct marketing industry, D3 Logic stands head and shoulders above the rest thanks in no small part to their reputation for excellence. They are constantly in demand, offering an unrivalled customer acquisition service and delivering results that far exceed their clients’ expectations. D3 Logic’s Managing Director is loving working in his newly tidy professional environment and is already feeling far more organised.

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