Consultonomics Challenge Direct Selling Common Negatives

Limerick-based direct sales and marketing firm Consultonomics are set to change the perception of direct marketing in Ireland through the use of their ethical and customer-focused campaigns.

Direct selling involves the person to person promotion of a product or service, away from a fixed retail location. Direct selling venues can vary, but typically include public spaces, shopping centres, corporate events, or at private businesses and residences. The Direct Selling Association of Ireland reports that this is a growing sector of the home shopping market, with annual revenues through direct selling channels exceeding €50 million. Globally, the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations lists 22 countries in which direct selling is a market worth over a billion US dollars.

Consultonomics reports that direct selling often has a negative perception due to the ‘hard sales’ stereotype that is perpetuated through popular culture. Consultonomics argues that this idea is outdated, and that their marketing tactics are built around increasing brand loyalty and repeat custom. “Businesses understand the importance of loyal customers, not only in building the brand’s credibility but also in the amount of income that is generated from repeat customers. It is fairly common knowledge that it costs businesses around 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one, and that existing customers spend on average twice as much as new customers per transaction. So direct selling firms like Consultonomics focus on building a strong level of trust with each customer,” says Joe Clarke, managing director of Consultonomics.

Consultonomics reports that direct selling has a positive impact on both sellers and consumers, as demonstrated by the fact that 74% of adults have purchased products from a direct seller, while 78% of sellers say direct selling meets or exceeds their expectations and 82% of sellers report a good, very good or excellent experience with direct selling.

Consultonomics is committed to delivering high-quality, long-term customers to clients in the energy, finance, cosmetics, and non-profit sectors. This is achieved by a customer-centred process that ensures that all requirements are met and all consumer questions are answered before processing a sale. Consultonomics focuses on building a strong relationship between the sales representative and the customer and ensure that the consumer is left with all the relevant information. Consultonomics managing director Joe Clarke states that the one-on-one approach of many of these direct selling campaigns provides a huge advantage in building a loyal customer base: “As we meet customers in person, we are able to tailor the buying experience to their interests and requirements. We don’t use the same approach for every customer – we look at what is relevant and important to them, and focus on those elements of the product or service. This means that every customer is treated as an individual, and is buying the product on their terms. That is something that a billboard or TV advert just can’t compete with.”

Consultonomics is confident that by focusing on the consumer experience, the direct sales and marketing industry will continue to grow throughout 2014.


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