Consult Zee Ltd Travel to Portugal to Attend Networking Event

Affy Hussain is set to travel to Portugal next week on a business networking trip. The trip has been arranged for the Managing Director of Consult Zee Ltd to visit expanding businesses in the outsourcing industry, and to generate new contacts and business opportunities.

Consult Zee Ltd’s MD, Affy Hussain will spend 3 days in Lisbon, Portugal to attend a Business Networking Event and visit local outsourced sales and marketing businesses. The event will be held at the Myriad by Sana Hotels. Located in Parque das Nações (eastern Lisbon) it is a 5 Star hotel and conference facility that rises 140 meters above the waters of the River Tagus.

‘I am really looking forward to this trip as improving our network of contacts has been a big goal for us this year,’ says Mr Hussain. With a plan to build mutually beneficial relationships with other business people and potential clients and customers, the trip should prove very beneficial for Consult Zee Ltd.

Networking is an activity or event where groups of people with the same ideas and areas of business can recognise, create and act upon business ideas. This is a social opportunity for professionals to establish themselves face to face rather than online.

‘Developing important relationships at events are great for future business growth,’ adds Mr Hussain. ‘The most important skill for effective business networking is listening. Focusing on how others can be helped as well as receiving help from them helps to establish mutually beneficial relationship.’

Consult Zee Ltd promote networking as a great way to gather and learn as much information as possible. Solutions to problems or issues that may arise can be brought up and solved with the help from outside forces, giving the ability for the growth side of the business to be focused on again. Networking is an essential skill for most business people, but especially for entrepreneurs. It is important to create and maintain important relationships to extend market reach. Getting that positive personal and business reputation is a great way to become a memorable company and role model to other entrepreneurs.

Consult Zee Ltd is an outsourced direct marketing company based in Sheffield.

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