Consult Zee focus on Customer Service Techniques

By encouraging positive customer service at all times, Consult Zee has seen that their strategy has paid off when it comes down to increasing their sales figures.

Customer service is quite an in-depth process. It is the provision of the service, before, during and after the sale, designed to acquire customer satisfaction and meet expectations. Providing excellent customer service will ensure a business outshines its competitors. What can customers get that they can’t get elsewhere? Knowing the answer to this, will help differentiate a firm from their competitors in today’s saturated market.  

Consult Zee are an outsourced direct marketing firm who always aim to give more than what is expected from their customers. Consult Zee ensure their customers feel they are the most important and have the firm’s full attention.  Retaining existing customers and rewarding them for their loyalty will ensure Consult Zee Ltd maintain a competitive advantage with the outsourced sales industry. No matter how much a customer may like a product, research showed 30% of people who feel they are not treated as a valued customer take their business elsewhere. Satisfied customers will always contribute to the growth of sales, not only by giving their on-going custom but simply by marketing the company by their own word of mouth. On average a loyal customer can be worth up to ten times as much as their first purchase.

Treating customers as individuals and making them feel appreciated will enable businesses to build a trusting relationship with their customers. This will instigate customers with a positive desire to do business with the company. Of course promoting a product or service will get a certain amount of sales, but the most important component in making that sale, is most certainly the customers themselves. Affy Hussain MD of Consult Zee believes the level of service he provides is equalled by the suppliers and contractors that the company trade with. Examples such as greeting clients and visitors enthusiastically, being polite, and taking an interest in other people will set an example of how a customer should be treated.

Consult Zee is an outsourced direct marketing company who aim to ensure their customers’ needs and requirements are always met.  

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