Complete One offers ‘foot in the door’ opportunity for graduates

Newcastle-based customer acquisition specialists and experts in dealing with people, Complete One has experience working with graduates and they believe that their business development opportunities provides a foot in the door for graduates.

About Complete One:

For graduates, the hard work that they have invested into their time at university is about to be put to the test as they attempt to integrate themselves into the business world. Many graduates will struggle with the catch 22 of not having practical hands-on experience, and could be overlooked for many roles.

Events promotions firm Complete One appreciate the fresh ambition and enthusiasm that graduates can bring to a business and they aren't concerned by the lack of practical experience. At Complete One they don't pre-judge on experience. They believe that as long as someone possesses a strong work ethic, self-motivation and good student mentality, they are able to provide them with all the necessary skills and knowledge to prosper in the sales and marketing industry.

A 2015 report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development showed that 58.8% of graduates are in jobs deemed to be non-graduate roles. At Complete One they believe that their business development opportunities are the perfect fit for ambitious and talented graduates to develop both personally and professionally and prepare for future success.

As supporters of entrepreneurship, Complete One offers a foot in the door for graduates with their business development opportunities. The firm works with a diverse group of people and has a proven track record for developing young professionals into successful businessmen and women. They offer ambitious individuals - with an entrepreneurial mind-set and good business acumen - the opportunity to learn all about the internal workings of their business through workshops, seminars and tutorials as well as one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions. They teach all aspects of campaign management, client relations, motivational and public speaking, marketing and sales strategies, events management / coordination, leadership and sales / promotions. They offer a stress-free environment for individuals to practice what they have learned in a pressure-free environment, allowing them to hone their skills and learn from mistakes.

At Complete One they pride themselves on offering a unique working environment where they assist and encourage individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. They operate an open door policy, allowing their contractors regular access to the management team. Complete One is a hugely ambitious firm, with big goals for 2016. Having previously extended their market reach into Edinburgh and Sheffield, this year the firm is looking to further extend their market reach in the UK and is planning to start the ball rolling on a potential launch into the international market. As the firm looks to expand they have tremendous opportunities for their entrepreneurs to take their business forward.

Complete One is a young, ambitious and dynamic outsourced sales and marketing company, specialising in customer acquisition through in-person promotions. In a world of ever advancing technologies, the firm offers clients something that is often lacking in today's impersonal digital world, the personal touch. The firm believes it is their direct and personalised approach that has been the catalyst for their success. Since they launched in 2012, the firm has worked with many graduates and have a proven track record for developing budding entrepreneurs into successful businessmen and women.


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