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Event marketing specialists, Complete One, have been focused on forming good habits in order to meet their projected goals for this year, and last week the firm hosted an educational workshop on the subject.

2015 was a record-breaking year for Complete One. It saw the firm extend their market reach into Glasgow and Sheffield, and add two new clients to their portfolio (both household names in their respective fields), as well as receiving accolades at the 2015 Sales & Marketing Awards. The Newcastle-based event promotions specialists have big goals for 2016 as they look to extend their market reach into four new cities, and break the £1 million turnover barrier. Now in Q2, Managing Director Glen Lowes is focusing on habits, in order to boost productivity and output, which in turn will take the firm closer to their goals.

About Complete One:

It is a common belief that it takes 21 days to form a habit and Glen Lowes, Managing Director at Complete One supports that theory. “Coming from a construction background, making the transition from a manual laborer to an entrepreneur in the sales and marketing industry wasn’t easy. There were many new skills I had to learn and habits I had to form in order to progress.”

At Complete One they believe that continued learning is imperative for business success, and this is a philosophy that the innovative, and rapidly expanding firm shares with their contractors. Last week, Glen Lowes hosted a workshop on habits, and how to successfully form new ones that will stick.

1. Make it a daily occurrence – In order for a habit to stick, consistency is critical. Activities that are done only once every few days are much harder to lock in as habits, whereas if the activity is carried out daily it has more chance of becoming a habit.

2. Start small – When trying to make a change, it can be easy to take on too much. Rather than getting bogged down with too many tasks, which will wear someone thin, the key to making a change is to take on one task at a time.

3. Be consistent – Consistency is the driving force of success. If someone is consistent in their attempts to form new habits, their success rate is likely to be much higher.

4. Write it down – Having a visual reminder can prove to be very powerful. By writing something down it makes an idea clearer and easier to focus on the end result.

5. Make it personal – The habits should be personal and assist in someone achieving their goals. Trying to form habits that are considered important, but not necessarily relevant will not stick. Habits should be geared towards an individual’s goals and the things that motivate them.

The most successful people have formed positive habits, which contribute to their success, and MD at Complete One, Glen Lowes has formed many of his own habits, which helps him to grow and prosper as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Newcastle-based event marketing firm, Complete One are currently focusing on the formation of good habits and it is something they have made a theme for the week. As a firm that is committed to the development of the people they work with, constantly providing educational opportunities to further their business development is an integral part of their success.

Complete One is a Newcastle based event marketing firm, specialising in below-line customer acquisition. Their main focus is to bridge the gap between client and consumer through in-person promotions. They have a strong client history that has included several of the UK's leaders within the Charity, Finance, Online Film & Media and Telecommunications sectors. Through the creation of good habits, Complete One has gone from strength to strength since they launched in 2012, and they attribute much of their success to their strong habits.

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