CMB Empire Ltd State Marketing is Developing Faster than Any Other Industry

Sheffield-based striving start-up firm CMB Empire Ltd claim that the marketing industry is developing faster than any other, and marketers are aware their role has changed dramatically over the last few years.

Marketing is developing faster than any other industry, claims Mike Caster, managing director of CMB Empire Ltd. Over the last few years marketing has dramatically changed, and marketers have been aware of their change of role. On March 1, 2014, published their interview with Marketo’s chief marketing officer, Sanjay Dholakia who claimed that marketing has changed more rapidly in that last five years than in the past 500 years ( Due to the huge advancements in technology, marketers are having to simply become more technical. Marketers today are learning about marketing automation systems, mobile marketing apps, social media monitoring tools and content marketing platforms, and that’s only part of it (

Technology and the Internet has given buyers the opportunity to gather more information about potential purchases before they make their first sales contact. One factor that hasn’t changed over time however, is understanding the customer. Marketers must learn what the customer wants, which platforms they would like products to be presented to them, and where they’d like this exchange to take place.

As customers have the ability to research products online, the role of marketers is to now educate buyers in this early sales cycle.

CMB Empire Ltd urge businesses to ensure their sales people don’t miss the “hidden sales cycle”. The Sheffield-based firm outline how marketing can help sales take advantage of the new buying process:

1. Merge sales and marketing to jointly identify the people they’re targeting

2. Develop campaigns that are compelling to potential customers

3. Track and monitor each campaign that engages prospects

CMB Empire Ltd stresses the importance that marketers must keep up-to-date with industry and technology advancements to be able to give customers what they want. Meeting the needs of customers has and always will be the number one priority for marketers. It is simply the methods of how marketers meet the needs of their customers that will continue to change. CMB Empire Ltd claims that marketers must educate customers at the first point of sales, in order to stay competitive.

CMB Empire Ltd is an outsourced sales and marketing start up based in Sheffield The firm offers direct marketing campaigns, as they believe it is the most efficient method to meet the needs of their customers, and allows them to engage and interact with them directly. CMB Empire Ltd prides itself on their personalised marketing approach and the strong rapport built with each individual customer.

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