CMB Empire Ltd: 3 Reasons why Understanding Colour Psychology is Important in Business

After weeks in the making CMB Empire LTD have revealed their newly designed branding. The reason behind the new colour scheme is down to understanding the importance of colour psychology in business.

Research shows that it’s important for the colour of a brand to match its beliefs and ideals. The colour of a brand is the first interaction a consumer has with that brand and first impressions count. This brief interaction gives the consumer a taste of what the company is all about and the ‘personality’ of the brand and its vital that the colours related with the brand are a true reflection of this to avoid misleading consumers.

There are many articles suggesting that the colour a brand chooses for their marketing campaigns are specifically chosen to bring out a certain emotion from the consumer. Some believe techniques like these don’t work due to consumers own personal tastes and cultural backgrounds. However there are many instances where this approach has been incredibly successful. Instead of focusing on trying to emit an emotion from consumers many companies are first finding the core personality of their brand and then choosing colour which will universally reflect this. Professor Jennifer Aaker studied the ‘dimensions of brand personality’ and found five core dimensions to brand personalities and the traits that are commonly associated with these dimensions. By using colours that are renowned for reflecting certain traits, such as ruggedness being represented by brown and greens which are recognised as tough environmental colours, or purple which is associated with luxury, consumers are far more likely to have a clear picture and belief of the brands services.

Anyone who has seen advertising for children’s products will understand how choosing specific colours can attract a specific gender to a brand. It may be a cliché, but research into colour assignments by Joe Hallock showed that men are indeed drawn to blue more than women, whilst purple was a firm favourite among women but not men. In business it’s important not to isolate consumers by using a wildly masculine or feminine colour unless the product is gender specific. Research also suggests that men react more to darker shades, whilst women prefer lighter tints. This is just as important to remember, as even if a brand has chosen a gender neutral colour, the way the colour is shaded could dramatically affect consumer preference.

The last important aspect for businesses to remember in terms of colour psychology is that many companies who offer similar services or products use the same colours within their branding. There’s no point in a company choosing a colour they feel best fits their objectives, if their competition have picked the exact same colour too. standing out is just as important as conveying an honest representation of a brands personality and considering these two problems together will lead to discovering the perfect colour for marketing a specific brand.

CMB Empire Ltd is an outsourcing sales and marketing solution based in Sheffield that covers the Yorkshire area. CMB Empire Ltd help clients to fully understand their customers’ requirements through direct marketing campaigns and brand development, which leads clients to have stronger brand awareness and high customer loyalty.

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