Citipeak Promotions Uses Business Trip to the Ryder Cup 2014 to Review the Reasons Why Sportspeople Make Great Business Professionals

Nick Johnson, Managing Director of Citipeak Promotions is travelling with fellow business partners to Scotland to attend the 40th Ryder Cup.

Successful businessman and keen golfer, Nick Johnson will travel up to Scotland to attend the Ryder Cup; dubbed as the ‘greatest tournament in Golf’. He will travel with fellow business partners, also enthusiastic golfers, to the PGA Centenary Course at Gleneagles to support the European Team in the hope that they will retain the tournament trophy they won two years ago against Team USA in Medinah.

This year is the second time that Scotland has hosted the Ryder Cup; the first time being back in 1973. The Ryder Cup is a men’s golf competition between two teams, one from Europe and one from the USA, and is named after English businessman Samuel Ryder who donated the trophy.

The 2014 Ryder Cup will be held at Gleneagles in Scotland. Gleneagles is home to three championship golf courses, regarded as among the very best golf courses in the world. The PGA Centenary Course has been chosen for the 40th Ryder Cup, where the cream of European and American golfers will battle it out to win the trophy.

Nick Johnson is an avid golfer and all round sportsman, with the belief 'if a person has a dedicated interest or participates in sport they will make an excellent business professional'. Nick Johnson believes that sporty people have all the ingredients to become successful leaders in business.

There are striking parallels between those that play or have played sport and business leadership,’ said Nick Johnson. ‘Fierce competition, coping with pressure, winning by sometimes the smallest margins, achieving goals and targets, hard work, perseverance and deep-seated determination are just some of the characteristics that sport prepares a person with, which can seamlessly be transferred into the business world’, added Nick Johnson.

Sportsmen and women have most likely failed more than they've won, but they always get up and keep going. Nick Johnson believes that in the workplace, this trait creates a great worker who will find a way to win. The managing director of Citipeak Promotions lists his top 5 reasons why sports people make great business professionals.

  • They’re achievement orientated
  • They’re resilient
  • They’re strong communicators
  • They’re team orientated
  • They manage time well

Citipeak Promotions is London’s leading event marketing and sales firm providing clients with a cost effective and measurable marketing strategy. The firm believe that face to face interaction with consumers produces the best results; because it builds positive relationships which can be maintained, resulting in longstanding and loyal customers for their client’s brand. 

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