Citipeak Promotions Ltd Extends Market Research to Cardiff

Events Marketing firm Citipeak Promotions announce their most recent expansion of market research into Cardiff. The firm attribute the reasons behind their continued success and dominance within the sales and marketing industry.

With their head office based in London, Citipeak Promotions is London’s fastest growing events marketing firm. Founded in early 2010 by Nick Johnson, Citipeak Promotions boast numerous successes within the sales and marketing industry. The firm’s most recent announcement is the extension of their market research into Cardiff.

‘Here at Citipeak Promotions, we are extremely excited about our recent announcement. Our expansion into the Cardiff market will benefit our clients. as we will be able to reach a larger number of customers on a wider geographical area’ said a spokes person for Citipeak Promotions.

Citipeak Promotions use a tried and tested business model for the firm’s marketing campaigns. The firm provide a cost-effective route to mass media marketing and implement marketing strategies that are successful because they cater to the tight marketing budgets that many of their clients posses. Citipeak Promotions appeals to many businesses because they are financially desirable and guarantee 100% return on investment. Due to the direct marketing strategies that the firm operate; high customer acquisitions numbers and obtained for their clients along with the high customer retention rates that Citipeak Promotions boast.

Event based marketing exposes a company’s products and services to the public through demonstrations and presentations. A presentation will educate the customer better about the product or service, resulting in a higher rate of customer satisfaction and therefore a higher customer retention rate. Citipeak Promotions understand and value the importance of customer satisfaction; a high customer satisfaction rate will result in more sales, more money and a positive brand exposure for their client; this ultimately brings high customer retention rates and long term business satisfaction. Citipeak Promotions continued success for their clients has allowed for the expansion and growth seen by the firm and as they continue to deliver high results for their clients, Citipeak Promotions will continue to expand and dominate the events marketing industry.

Citipeak Promotions is positive about the firm’s new market territory after completing preliminary market research. Expanding in the current economical climate is ambitious for any firm but Citipeak Promotions have celebrated many milestones throughout 2013 so the firm feel confident that the expansion to Cardiff will be a success.

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