Citipeak Promotions Ltd Argue Advantages of Direct Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising

As Royal Mail launches its first major TV campaign in six years, Managing Director of Citipeak Promotions Ltd highlights why direct marketing is more effective that TV advertising and why brands that have taken the direct marketing route are more successful than those that have not.

On Saturday the 2nd November, Royal Mail launched its first major TV advertising campaign in six years. This comes just weeks after the postal service was privatised by the Government and as the service gears up for the busy festive parcel delivery season.

Advertising is a single component of the marketing process. In general, the goal of advertising is to increase brand awareness along with creating an emotional connection to the potential buyer. Whereas direct marketing is designed to get the customer to move towards the completion of a transaction, advertising targets the customer to feel something about a product or service. In direct marketing you want the customer to actually do something regarding the product or service. Because of this, direct marketing is a sales strategy within an overall marketing toolbox and creates the momentum towards the transaction that is necessary to generate more revenue.

Citipeak Promotions Ltd is a London based outsourced sales and marketing company that specialises in events based direct marketing offering dedicated face to face customer acquisition teams. The firm develop and execute unique marketing approaches to help their valued clients acquire quality, long-term customers for their business throughout the UK. Citipeak Promotions Ltd partner with supplies and clients who hold themselves accountable to setting a higher standard within their industry and through the firm’s event based direct marketing campaigns they will guarantee their clients a higher ROI than obtained by advertising.

‘Here at Citipeak Promotions Ltd, we develop effective marketing campaigns behalf of our clients. We value the importance of two way communication between our clients and the consumer because this helps to educate the customer about the product or service that is on offer’ said Nick Johnson, Managing Director of Citipeak Promotions Ltd. At Citipeak Promotions Ltd, the firm believe that the more educated the customer is about the product or service, then the more committed and trusting they will be towards completing a transaction. This education is limited through TV advertising.

Citipeak Promotions Ltd uphold the value, success and importance of direct marketing strategies for their clients as they are a much more effective way for companies to reach customers and to make a profit. According to The Guardian, 86% of people skip TV adverts and direct marketing costs 62% less per lead that traditional advertising.

As customers have changed the way that they shop for products and services, Citipeak Promotions Ltd is responding with event marketing campaigns for their clients that attract and appeal to the modern day consumer.


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