Citipeak Events Take Advantage of ‘Boomerang Boarders’ for their Clients Sales and Marketing Needs

Through event based marketing campaigns, Citipeak Events are able to target a large number of consumers over a wide geographical area. Here, the firm outline their reasons why their clients will never suffer from the growth of new Boomerang Boarders.

According to a recent study by Experian Marketing Services (source:, 9 April 2015) the lack of affordable homes in the UK is holding young people back from entering the property market. As a result, it is also creating new groups who live with affluent parents and have low outgoings together with a high disposable income.

About Citipeak Events:

These groups/areas have been named 'Boomerang Boarders'. A boomerang boarder is an area that has a high volume of adult children living with middle-class couples nearing retirement; young people who have returned from university but can't afford to move out and young people with parents who earn 40-49k so have a high disposable income.

The study by Experian Marketing Services calculated that there are around 1.56 million Boomerang Boarders in the UK. The study also suggests that the group has grown in recent years as a consequence of the recession, rising property prices and the fall in the number of young people buying homes. As a result, brands are being urged to take a note of these consumers because of their relatively high disposable income and money saved through living with their parents.

Brands need to adjust their marketing strategies to account for the growth of these Boomerang Boarders, because purchasing decisions are increasingly shared between parents and their adult children. In addition there is a large proportion of customers with a high disposable income not living in city centres, so brands must make sure that their marketing strategies are able to reach these customers in more rural areas, state Citipeak Events.

Citipeak Events are not concerned about these new areas. The firm are in a perfect position to ensure their clients' brands are able to take advantage of the larger proportion of consumers with a high disposable income living in these Boomerang Boarders. This is because the firm create event marketing strategies on behalf of their clients and are able to take their clients' brands directly to the consumer, no matter where the geographical location. Due to the company's market reach, Citipeak Events are able to expose a large number of consumers to their clients' product and services, including Boomerang Boarders; all at a low cost to the client and with a guaranteed ROI.

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