Citipeak Events Review the Benefits of In-Store Promotions

Consumer spending in the UK is booming; this is great news for both businesses and consumers.The result of a booming consumer market does however result in more competition between brands for those all-important customers.The way that brands market themselves to consumers is more important today than it has ever been, but even within the field of marketing, businesses have many different marketing strategies to choose from. Here, Citipeak Events review the benefits of event marketing and in-store promotions.

About Citipeak Events:

'Companies know the importance of creating a great marketing strategy, but they are also limited by tight budgets' said Managing Director of Citipeak Events, Nick Johnson. 'Money spent on the perfect marketing strategy cannot be wasted; if the latest technology is incorporated then a company could be doing just this. Many brands are looking towards traditional event based marketing because it is an efficient and highly cost-effective way to get fast results' added Nick Johnson.

Studies have shown that consumers see website pop-ups and social media marketing as intrusive and unwanted, and promotional emails are regularly picked up by spam filters or deleted before being read. Increasingly, when adverts come on the radio or television, the remote is grabbed, and channels switched and with the growing popularity of 'on-demand' services, adverts can be avoided altogether. Event marketing and in-store promotions, however, are guaranteed to reach a brand's target market. Citipeak Events has an expert team who know exactly how to approach customers to gain maximum interest in their client's brand and product, ensuring new customers are acquired and brand awareness is enhanced.

When consumers are out shopping and they meet in-store marketers, they are already in a customer state of mind, plus it's a fact that people love human interaction, so consumers much more likely to respond to a question from an actual person than from an impersonal email or website pop-up. Face to face interaction also allows marketers to gauge the response of consumers more accurately, by noting their non-verbal as well as verbal interactions. This allows for excellent customer research which can be fed back directly to the client.

'Our events and in store marketing campaigns bring great results for our clients, plus consumers love them', said Nick Johnson of Citipeak Events. 'When people learn about a new product or service, they are much more likely to tell their friends and colleagues about it. It's a win-win situation.'

Citipeak Events are in-store promotion experts, and can help businesses attract new customers that they may have never even considered before.

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