Child Discipline – Mums & Dads Do It Differently

Friday 29 August, 2014
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28% of Mums are more likely to threaten punishment as a discipline technique, with only 15% of dads doing the same...

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Dads – They Just Love to Be the Good Guy!

We all know the typical fatherly line, “I’d say yes, but best go ask your Mum” only too well, with Dads seemingly always wanting to play the good cop in any good cop/bad cop scenario.

Well, now we actually have the evidence!

According to a recent online survey commissioned by Room To Grow, 28 % of Mums are much more likely to threaten punishment as a discipline technique, with only 15% of dads willing to go down this road when naughty behaviour ensues.

We all know that it is undoubtedly hard to walk the disciplinarian tight rope, with the constant worry that you’re either seen as the monster or with every “Stop that!” you feel you’re psychologically damaging your child. Well it seems that Dads know this all too well. Let’s face it, no one wants to be comparable with the Grinch. So it’ll come as no surprise to most Mums out there that a whopping 30% of them are the sole disciplinarian in households as opposed to just 10% of Dads.

Men and women are just different, and respond to problems and create solutions in different ways. The truth is that although the Mum may be on average a stricter parent and more focused on morals than the Dad, a child still needs both the different types of interaction provided. Just because there are varying methods doesn’t mean that either of them is wrong, they actually work incredibly well together to help bring up well behaved and happy children.

The discipline survey results are fascinating and I encourage you read them and share – how do you compare to the majority?

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