CBW Acquisitions Offer Alternative to Traditional Marketing

Direct Marketing Company, CBW Acquisitions call for British businesses to revamp the strategies they use to attract new customers.

Consumers take advantage of home delivery options, booking holidays via the internet and streaming films online, sparking an issue for traditional Marketers. Laura White, Managing Director of CBW Acquisitions reveals that the demand for more engaging ways of reaching customers is now required. The firm offer face-to-face marketing campaigns for British brands to improve engagement levels and report customers are 33% more receptive to the personal approach direct face-to-face forms of marketing offers compared to more traditional outlets such as TV and radio adverts.

According to United Sales Direct Selling Association, direct marketing appears bigger and bolder than it has ever been. Recent research states that 55% of Americans have purchased goods following being approached by an organisation directly. Furthermore growing businesses in India and China show that the use of direct sales and marketing are even expanding in emergent markets as well as the long established financial climates of America and Britain. “We have found that the demand for direct sales and marketing to have increased massively over the last year,” supports CBW Acquisition’s Managing Director, Laura White.

With regards to this, the obvious answers lie in the rapidly changing climate of day to day human interaction and life as we know it.

1. Convenience
In a ‘get and go’ world where life moves a lot faster, convenience of a product is integral to its performance in the market. In recent years there has been a large shift in products which are intended to save time and money for companies. Fast food, travelling from A to B, and even speed dating show a desired need to achieve a desired result much faster. CBW Acquisitions recommend bringing a product directly to a customer. Not only is this time saving for the company but it can also fit around the lives of consumers. This is also an incredible way of bringing products to consumer’s attention without them having to find them themselves.

2. Volume and Numbers
The last ten years in particular have shown dramatic changes and improvements in the way communication can be made. It would now seem unusual for a person to not own a smart phone, with access to social media, emailing and other communication capabilities thus increasing the volume of customers that are now contactable. Direct Marketing’s ability to employ advertising measures such as face to face, emailing and telesales is its keen strength in an age of growing communication. Direct Marketing has tapped into a niche audience to not just raise awareness of products but to deliver a higher return on investment.

3. Personal
In a time where advertising is so common in everyday life on television, radio, newspapers, and in the direct measures discussed above, consumers now want services tailored specifically for them. More choice is usual practice in the market place and is most commonly observed in the growing use of price comparison websites such as Compare the Market and Go Compare. This value in consumer power leads to a greater need for a more personal marketing strategy. The market is flooded with the use of social media and telesales. One of the major strengths of direct marketing as a whole lies in this personal touch, other methods help to build brand awareness however they lack in making the same impact. “We have found that many customers simply prefer a personalised experience as opposed to traditional marketing methods as it allows them to get a feel for the product and the company they are buying from,” says CBW Acquisitions Managing Director, Laura White.

Reports from CBW Acquisitions suggest the need for Marketing to be far more diverse, accessible, and personal has contributed to the trend in outsourcing direct marketing firms.

“Here at CBW Acquisitions we really believe in providing our customers with what they want which is an individual and personal customer service experience. Our goal is to continue to provide this to our customers and clients by expanding our business within the UK,’ concludes Laura White.

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