Can You Ever Really Predict Customer Behaviour? Ask Paragon Acquisitions

With so much competition threatening to steal customers away with innovative new products and solutions, reading customer behaviour and understanding their changing needs is vital. But can the behaviour of customers ever really be predicted successfully? Paragon Acquisitions Investigates.

About Paragon Acquisitions:

Paragon Acquisitions are looking to explore the importance of understanding and tracking customer's behaviours to assist in product development and new product innovation. There are varying degrees of analytics, and as a result Paragon Acquisitions base their knowledge on the following:

  • Feedback: What they tell us
  • Experience: What they've done in the past
  • Intuition: How we assume people behave

Predicting behaviours can be difficult and frustrating for businesses and there are issues with making assumptions from data collected.

Feedback, depending on how it is recorded, can be information that leads us to make assumptions that are not 100% accurate. How was the feedback obtained, and at what point of the customers experience? How confident is the customer sharing their feedback?

Experience assumes that what people have done in the past they will continue to do. With the fast advancements in products/services available it is important to take into consideration when determining conclusions from data recorded.

Intuition is the factor to be wary of the most. Humans tend to feel that they are in tune with fellow humans and that they can foresee behaviours. This is probably the least reliable way to predict consumer behaviour and should be approached with caution.

Paragon Acquisitions feel that using face to face interactions with customers allows the business to gather feedback, where they can take external influences into consideration when reporting the data received. Body language, expression and tone of voice are a few ways of determining if the feedback received is accurate. Also actual real-time customer suggestions can be noted, at the time that they wished a solution was available.

Paragon Acquisitions is a Southampton based event marketing firm that helps brands increase their presence in the marketplace. The firm work closely with each client to create a campaign that perfectly reflects their individual goals and brand message. The firm then go and meet consumers in a retail environment, through face to face communication the firm build a rapport with consumers and develop lasting relationships which help their clients to increase sales and customer loyalty. Paragon Acquisitions strategies and techniques have not only helped a number of businesses expand their market reach, but have also helped them to generate enough revenue to grow their businesses and guarantee a sense of longevity even in the most unpredictable markets.

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