Brits Are Gagging for Sadomasochistic Action Between the Sheets This National Orgasm Day.

It is official – bondage has been thrust into the mainstream thanks to the meteoric success of Fifty Shades of Grey.

With its new appeal of restrained elegance, sensual spanking and unconventional romance, it is little surprise that Fifty Shades-inspired lovemaking is growing on the curious.

Following from the release of the film trailer last week, it looks like the steamy scenes of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson all tied up together has got Brits hot under the collar and gagging for some sadomasochistic flare in the bedroom.

Since the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer was released, Ann Summers have found:

- Traffic to the Ann Summers website increased by 55% within an hour of the film trailer going live.

- Over 500 units of handcuffs were sold on the day of the release – twice as many as the week before.

- Brits gagging for harder, grey metal handcuffs judging by the 200%+ in sales.

- Spanking floggers and paddles doubled in sales.

- Diamante crop sales increased by 80% in one week.

- Coventry are the most kinky – the store completely sold out of ball gags and black rope restraints on the day of the film trailer release!

- 50% sale surge in eye masks.

- Triple the amount of restraints, hog ties and under the bed restraints sold last week.

- Jiggle ball mania still going strong – except Brits are getting braver by experimenting with grey metal balls.

- Vibrating nipple clamps in top 5 best-selling sexcessories.

Bondage for beginners

Are you thinking of doing a Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele this National Orgasm Day?

From heat of the moment handcuffs to full-on floggers and hit-the-spot crops – find out how you can bring Fifty Shades into your bedroom with our bondage for beginners guide.

Bondage isn't all whips, chains and medieval torture, after all…

-Safety first

-Establish a safe word first; something easily remembered something that's unlikely to be said by accident. Make sure you both know it, and understand that play stops completely when it's said.

-Know your boundaries

-Whatever it is you want to try with your partner, as long as you both agree on the boundaries, anything goes

-Be prepared

If you're using handcuffs, keep two sets of handcuff keys nearby so you can release your partner quickly if need be.

-Get creative

Take a creative, DIY approach to bondage. Clingfilm can be used to wrap around your lover's wrists, and if you use a single layer, it's easy enough to snap.

-Be sober

Although it's often more tempting to play sex games when you're feeling a bit tipsy, it's best not to try bondage when you're under the influence of alcohol, as you might misjudge how tightly to tie the knots.


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